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  • Category: Action & adventure
  • Published by: Kindling Games
  • Permissions:
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  • Supported processors: x86, x64, ARM
  • Language: English (United States)
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Rainbow Rapture Free

Rainbow is unhappy with the way things turned out down below. He wants a clean slate. Help him wipe humanity off the face of the Earth. - Slide down hills to build momentum - Master gravity to get awesome air - Smash into three kinds of power-ups - Play new hills every time you start up - Eat lots of people - Conquer 45 challenges - Dominate Scoreloop leaderboards Rainbow says, "THIS IS FREE! WHAT MORE COULD YOU WANT?" Update version 2.1: - Fixed the Great Xmas Crash of 2012 - Switched ads to only advertise other games/apps (AdDuplex) Update version 2.0 MANGO: - Fast app switching! - Improved framerate! - Live tile! - Added level 12 & 13 - Fixed leaderboard crash bug Update version 1.4: - Added daily and weekly leaderboards - Added link to ad free paid version - Fixed more bugs Update version 1.3: - Added Scoreloop leaderboards - Fixed SFX settings bug - Fixed more crashes and bugs Update version 1.2: - New challenge system w/ 45 challenges - Two new final levels for the hardcore - Ending crash and other bugs fixed Update version 1.1: - Rainbow dives faster, steeper, meaner - Mystery crashes solved - Various minor bugs fixed

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8 January 2017

Awesome game!!! I love the style and its so fun to play! Nice work 👍


8 October 2016



8 August 2016

I wish terrible things upon the developers of this game. Not only is it only a tutorial but I can't uninstall it from my phone no matter what ai try... May your electronic devices all get malware and viruses that you cannot remove... Just like your game (which is a pathetic rip-off of Penguin by the way) did to my device.


28 June 2016

Killer. Good sense of humor. 😈


5 March 2016

Fun fun


5 February 2016



11 January 2016

This game is amazing because humans actually suck and they truly need to demolished off the face of the earth 😃


1 January 2016

Played this since it released on Windows Phone 7. Have it on Xbox and I still think it's a great game.


13 December 2015

Played this game back on the wp7 days and it's still enjoyable today on wm10.


5 December 2015

Now im a puny human. I feel loved for helping the rainbow kill the rest of the humans.😅😅😅👍👍👏👏well played, well played.

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