Pyramid Solitaire Special

Pyramid Solitaire Special is a version of the popular game Pyramid Solitaire. The game has 50 challenging levels. Try to unlock all of them!


  • 50 Levels
  • Undo
  • Choose Level

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25 June 2017

I am enjoying this game, but halfway through, the game crashes, disappearing from my screen. When I reopen the app, my existing game doesn't appear. A completely new game opens as if I'm opening the app for the first time.


9 March 2017

Great and very fun game.


28 January 2017

I like the way you can beat yourself


30 October 2016

I really like this game however I'm done with the 50 games and there is not more Levels to go to so I'm done and need to delete it but game won't let me. Thanks Victoria


16 May 2016

I love this game


4 April 2016

Addictive game. I started playing and 2 hours had lapsed quickly. It's a good game and I recommend it.


21 March 2016

great series, needs more directions


13 February 2016

I can't seem to get off level 2 even though I keep solving the puzzles.


12 February 2016

excellent game of pyramid solitaire with different levels and great graphics.--thanks--ron m.


11 January 2016

I play most of u r games. Never no problems. graphics are awesome. just say I am addicted. thank u for sharing.