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Play Football kicks

Soccer is an ancient game which were started over hundred years ago. Its fans and players are increasing day by day. Today whole world has a craze about it. After every four years FIFA WC is held to choose a world champion and people get excitement and thrill throughout the whole world cup. ★ World of amazement: --------------------------------- It may be an addictive game play for youngsters and football fans. So if you are an amazing footballer or football fan then this 100% free game is ready to take you in football field where many of the first class footballers are ready to defeat you. Opponent D point is ready for attack at goal. Now what are you waiting for ? Get ready for standing at Center Circle with your 11 player team to make a world champion and prove your team world first class football team. Play Football Kicks is a click away at your device. So free download now and enjoy Football World Cup at your home. Developers have developed stunning and super cool 3D featured Soccer game especially for you. ★ Get Ready to Dive: ------------------------------ Are you ready ! In game World Top 10 football teams having a real hero in each of these are ready to become your team. Choice is yours, Choose any one of them and jump into the field you are at Centre Spot, the main player of your team leading your whole team to memorable success. ★ Build your Ultimate Team: --------------------------------------- Do you want to choose Argentina with world top class Lionel Messi or Spain with Marc Bartra. Or you may want to go with Turkey or Italy. In more advanced Football game you can also select other world best stunning teams from UK, USA and France. May be you want to play using last world Football champion Germany or maybe you choose everlasting Super power of Football, Brazil. I am sure that you are a big fan of Cristiano Ronaldo so you should select Portugal to fight against anyone of yours choice. You can also select your opponent from these Top 10 teams. ★ How to Play: --------------------- Game has been designed regarding the complete field measurement. Half way line, Goal line and Corner Arcs have been drawn perfectly. Game has two playing modes. One is quick play mode against any of randomly opponents and other one is Tournament mode having four splendid matches including semifinal and final. Align your Goal line, kick ball and go towards the opponent goal. All the Penalty Areas are defined accurately. Get into opponent D area, Use penalty spot to make your shoot rapid and best at the opponent goal. One interested feature which has been added in this from developer is Corner Kick. You can use Short pass and Long kick to explore more fun during the whole game. Another interesting feature is variable time duration of match from 10 to 30 minutes depending on your skill, passion, interest and wonder about match. Three different difficulty levels are provided in this game which are Animator, Intermediate and professional according to your skill and passion.


  • Enjoy smoother and more realistic graphics for both players and stadiums.
  • Fantastic joystick to control player.
  • Amazing 3D visuals and immersive sound.
  • Full map view of field indicating all players at field.
  • Different time durations to play regarding to your interest and time.
  • Stunning 3D joystick to move your player.
  • Use pass button for a short pass.
  • Use shoot button to shoot ball at a far distance.
  • Three different difficulty levels according to your skill.

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9 comment


19 October 2016

like nothing boo boo boo boo


8 July 2016

love it


28 June 2016

I like this game because I like soccer I kick high I hate this game because iwill get takeid


5 December 2015



11 October 2015

U don't even no what to do!!! I mean how do u even know what person u r!! Its just rubbish to the British. 😣


21 September 2015

بدرد نميخوره دانلود نكنيد اصلا نميشه توپ را بگیری یا پاس کاری کنی فوتبال باید مثل دريم ليگ ساکر باشه .


4 September 2015

Even PES2011 on my old nokia e6 was 150% better. But this is the best footballgame on windows store... :(


30 August 2015

It's stupid you can't even get the ball I hate this game. They cood have beter games⚽.😈.


8 August 2015

Não baixem esse lixo que é chamado de jogo nunca vi um jogo tão porcaria tudo bulgado essa merda sem contar essa musiquinha ridículas 😠