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Plastic Surgery Doctor FREE

FREE TODAY! On this CHRISTMAS Plastic Surgery Dentist. Ever imagined yourself as the best super star surgeon of your town but couldn’t be one because you are just kids? Well fear not as Plastic Surgeon is the game which makes that baby dream of yours come to life by making you the clumsy doctor you always wanted to be and perform your surgery on as many patients as you like FOR FREE!!! Kick off your day by treating little baby kids in your very own clinic. Look that little girl has a cut on her eye. It is up to the clumsy super star doctor to save the day! Let’s get her to the surgery room and start doing some free and complete surgery. === How to Play === Start the game with the baby girl because she is in a lot of pain Let us see what’s wrong with her eye! Lights ON! Put eye drops to clean those pretty little eyes Carefully clear her eyes with the towel! Don’t be clumsy there or you might hurt her Let’s put the little girl to sleep now by using anesthesia from the oxygen mask Spray some antiseptic liquid in her little eyes. Use the towel again to clean them Now use the needle to stitch that crazy looking cut there. Be careful even if it’s just a game Now put the bandage on the cut and VOILA! Treatment complete Finish the first treatment to unlock more crazy treatments for FREE!!! === FEATURES === - No In-App Purchases! It’s as we said! TOTALLY FREE! - 3 baby patients with 3 funny surgery treatments - Funny Crazy Eyelid Surgery Game - Clumsy Cheek Surgery Game - Funny Nose Surgery Doctor - Use different operation theater tools and do your stitching & bandaging like real doctors

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30 June 2017

When I downloaded It, it wouldn't let me play it but I think I know how it will work😊


7 May 2017

Keeps crashing


16 October 2016

*** this game is horrific it makes me want to throw up my eyeball so gross NEVER GET THIS GAME IT IS SOOOOOO Horrific ew ew ew ew ew it makes me feel so light headed and queasy


21 July 2016

The most weird is game ever


10 May 2016

It was kind of boring, it only had three choices so I was done I like two minutes. Please make more options. If you do I will give it a better rating.


13 March 2016

Terrible game don't get it


6 March 2016

This is awsom


14 February 2016

Waste of time and needs more people


4 January 2016

It sucks


25 December 2015


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