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    * What's new: - You are now able to interact with your Pickit subscription in an updated Subscription page with a new look and feel. - You are now able to copy an image in a size of your choice by right-clicking on its thumbnail and paste it anywhere on your hard drive or inside any document you’re working on. - We have improved your experience when browsing our galleries, following user collections and curating your own. - We’ve made some data security improvements to ensure your information is safely protected. - We’ve made many bug fixes and improvements.

Pickit Photo Finder

Goodbye Clipart. Hello Pickit. Free-to-use photos at your fingertips. The search for images is easy and fast. Browse themed collections of photos, icons, illustrations and moving images to find just the right visuals for your presentation, article or blog post. Sourced from photographers and leading stock photo providers worldwide, sorted using a unique combination of machine intelligence and human curation, and delivered directly to your Windows device. With Pickit you can also turn your images into income by uploading straight from our app to 1.2 billion Office users worldwide.


  • Fast & easy photo search
  • Create collections of your favorite photos
  • Share photos
  • Drag & drop images from the app to your desktop or another Windows app (desktop only)
  • Snap assist

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2 June 2017

Always Crash


13 May 2017

lame I cant even open to rate !!! you people that as to rate should learn to wait till someone uses the friggging thig before cramming you rate **** up my ASSSS!!! Ii wait to open it and ****** crashed did it 2 more time s and ****** crash !!! then yo ask me to rate it!!! your **** blows!!! there!!!!!!! HAPPY?? FIX YOUR **** AND DONT RAM YOU STARS UP PEOPLES ASSS


9 April 2017

Good quality photos. An improvement would be a more accurate filter on search.


24 January 2017

Great Pictures and easy to find


2 October 2016

this is awesome


29 September 2016



28 September 2016

I'm not used to work with images, but with Pickit I can get to a level of almost being a PRO:) I love the curation and thge way it inspires me. I love that I can get it for free. Now I am waiting for more to come


16 August 2016

five stars!


14 August 2016

I like it


20 July 2016

From the beginning to now, PickIt has improved dramatically. I do wish there were Requests like before, but being able to use any device to capture images for use is great. One wish is to see collections via individuals and not only from key words.

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