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  • Permissions:
    • Use your location
    • Use your device network services
    • Use your music
    • Use the media items that are currently playing
    • Use any of your Windows Phone sensors
    • Access your browser
    • Use information about your device
    • Use the photos in your media library
    • Use your phone
    • Use your media library
  • Supported processors: x86, x64, ARM
  • Language: English
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Password Manager Free

Password Manager is a simple and elegant all in one password manager with PC sync and SkyDrive backup functionality. You can easily store all your internet passwords, bank details, credit card details or miscellaneous information. Passwords can be synced with PC using Windows 8 app . Using SkyDrive, edit with MS EXCEL and then synced back with phone making data entry super easy. Features: - Secure encrypted database using AES 256 - SkyDrive Backup - Password categorized into four pivots, and this can be customized to the password type you like to display in main view. - Password Category view for all password types making password retrieval super easy - Search functionality by password name. - SkyDrive supported, so you can backup to the cloud and restore the password database from cloud. - Passwords available on PC by using Window 8 app. - Passwords can be created in Excel and then synced with the phone app via SkyDrive, so that it would be easy to load all your data to the phone. See app help for instructions. - Password data can be synced with any number of phones from SkyDrive. - Local phone password database backup and restore functionality. Automated system backup is supported. - Security features include timeout and unsuccessful login attempts which can be configured in settings - Fast data entry, all fields are optional; pressing enter key will take you to the next field. - Choice of numeric only or alpha numeric password for your master password. - Master password could be changed any number of times

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24 April 2017

I just got an upgrade for my phone to Windows 10. It looks like it's opening but then I get a black screen. Very frustrating!


8 August 2016

Please fix problems in win 10


27 March 2016

Simple but works. It has been working without faults since WP7.


20 March 2015

I like this app a lot and the SkyDrive export feature is nice but the developer does not respond to support requests and the app telling me that I enter my password wrong when I have not is infuriating.


28 February 2015

Works great, survived several backu/ restore cycles without issues.


22 January 2015



9 January 2015

Very good app. I would like to know security of app developer and what access they have to all my OneDrive files.


2 January 2015

Works well. I got a new phone and the One Drive backup put my PWs into the new phone.


30 September 2014

Wish there was a win 8 build


13 September 2014

Good app

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