Parking Frenzy Battle

We turned your favorite parking game into Multiplayer Mayhem! Prepare for Parking Frenzy Battle, only by Game2win! It’s a split-screen fight to the finish for the chosen parking space! Race in an SUV or a sports car and navigate hairpin bends and circular junctions as you overtake your undeserving rivals! Will you leave them far behind or will you bite the dust instead? Don’t crash, don’t get distracted and most importantly DON’T STOP! As you cruise through numerous levels, you never know when you are addicted! Need to practice? Learn all about the roads in the single player mode! So…can you be the speed demon in all 25 levels? Grab Parking Frenzy Battle and join the ultimate parking showdown and find out! Send us your questions, doubts or any complaints that you have. We promise to get back to you! VISIT US: FOLLOW US: LIKE US: Privacy Policy: EULA:


  • Battle a Speeding Ghost Car
  • 25 Tough and Addictive Levels
  • Split-Screen Multiplayer Mayhem
  • Realistic Driving Mechanism
  • Ultimate Parking Showdown