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Owl Reader

Unlimited ad-free trial! Owl Reader is a feature-rich client and offline reader for Pocket (Read It Later). It allows you to connect to your Pocket account, browse the list of articles you have stored there, and read the articles in a comfortable mobile view directly on your phone. It also allows management of stored articles - adding new links, deleting old ones, tagging articles or marking them as read or favorite. Owl Reader downloads articles with images for offline reading. It also allows you to browse and edit your Pocket article list even when you are currently offline. This includes operations like archiving, favoriting, deleting, tagging, or even adding new links to the list. All changes made offline are uploaded upon next online synchronization. This makes Own Reader perfect for reading articles from the web while travelling by underground, airplane, or through areas with poor signal. Note that you need to have a (free) Pocket account in order to use the application. You can get one here: http://getpocket.com/signup Features: - Multiple themes (dark, light, sepia, teal, custom) - Handles thousands of articles in the list - Clean mobile view with fully customizable font and colors - Two color schemes with easy switching - Position within an article is remembered - Scrollbar for quick navigation throughout the article - Automatic downloading of articles (including images) - Three alternative services for mobile article parsing - Support for YouTube videos (including thumbnails), videos can be opened in IE, Metrotube, myTube, or YouTube apps (WP8 only) - External links can be opened in IE, UC Browser, Surfy, Maxthon, or Nokia Xpress (WP8 only) - Rich configuration options Includes a bookmark that allows saving the current page from Internet Explorer even on WP 7.5 devices. Trial version is fully functional, ad-free, and only displays a message occasionally. Questions, ideas, bug reports, beta version: owlreader@xperiensis.com

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3 June 2017

After trying all the 3rd party pocket clients, I like Owl Reader the most. Dev responded to my inquiry, which is an important thing. Though you will need to install the Owl Reader Sharing app so it will appear in the sharing list. It's easy to use, has the expected customization options, only option missing is ability to save to SD card. I will add that 5th star when that happens.


22 April 2017

This app does exactly what it's supposed to do. I like it better than the actual Pocket app on Android. Worth the money if you're an avid Pocket user.


16 April 2017

Awsome.. Keep improving...


2 March 2017

Clean and reliable support to Pocket. Use incessantly. Wake up each morning and immediately start saving articles. Riverton success articles before the fire wall kicked in assumed says I've read all my free articles. With windows 10 mobile and edge browser it takes a few more taps than before to since compared to 8.1 assumed the media to do it was not clear. After writing the app designer I got an answer right away so like the support.


26 December 2016

Really nice


19 December 2016

It's great so far! Interface is higher customizable, and it allows for downloading of all unread articles(or only some).


30 November 2016

Insanely great...


19 September 2016

Chyba len lepšia práca s tagmi.


12 August 2016

Superior ao pOki. Esse vc tem muitas opções úteis.


22 June 2016

Excellent! Even ways better than the original Pocket app with unique features :) Good job! I'm voting for a UWP version with UI/UX respecting the design language of Windows 10.

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