Notifications Visualizer for Windows 10
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    * Update - Fix crashing on older 1507 and 1511 versions of Windows Update - Creators Update features! - Xbox toast previews - Export to code feature Update - Updated Toast rendering for one-button scenario Update - Toast improvements so it more closely matches actual toasts Update - Toast app logo override image is now 48x48 - Tile layout is now 99.9% identical to Start! - Fixed crashing issue on complex tile payload Update - Clicking a popped toast gives you back the activation info - Fixed hamburger foreground color on Mobile Update - Added beta support for new RS1-style toast notifications Update - Slight corrections on spacing between text elements Update - Fixed memory leak Update - Implemented copy/save menu on preview tiles Update - Updated for TH2 Update - Added toasts! Update - Added baseUri attribute support Update - Added line numbers to errors/warnings Update - Fixed install error 0x80073B0C Update - When Mobile is selected, branding correctly reverts to "name"

Notifications Visualizer

Use this app to help design adaptive live tiles and interactive toasts for Windows 10. The app provides instant visual previews of your tile or toast while editing, similar to Visual Studio's XAML editor/design view. Your payload is also checked for errors, ensuring you create a valid payload. Developers will find Notifications Visualizer useful when they are looking at adding live tiles to their app. The Visualizer provides an easy way to create and test adaptive tile payloads, without having to edit and deploy your own app. Once you've created a payload with the perfect visual results, you can then integrate that payload into your own app (for generating notification payloads from code, check out NotificationsExtensions). Notifications Visualizer comes pre-loaded with a number of sample payloads to showcase what's possible with adaptive. With the Visualizer, you can experiment with all the different text options, groups/subgroups, background images, etc. And you can even see how the tile "adapts" to different devices, like tablets or phones, where more content can be displayed. After you've made changes, you can save your updated payload to a file for future use. Plus, you can even flip between builds 10240 and 10586 to instantly see how your tile behaves on the two different versions! Note: The Visualizer is a replication of Start, and is not 100% accurate (and also does not support some payload properties like baseUri). Pin the tile to Start to verify your tile looks as expected. The editor also provides real-time errors and warnings. For example, your payload must be less than 5 KB in size (a platform limitation). The Visualizer will warn you if your payload exceeds that. It will also give you warnings about incorrect attribute names or values, helping you debug why your tile isn't appearing correctly. You can also control base tile properties like display name, color, logos, and ShowName properties. And you can set a badge value too. All of these options help you instantly understand how your tile properties and tile notification payloads interact, and the results they produce.


  • Design adaptive tiles and interactive toasts for Windows 10
  • Instant visual previews of payloads
  • Checks payloads for validity
  • Pin the tile to actual Start, pop an actual toast
  • See how the tile looks on Desktop, Tablet, and Mobile

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10 June 2017

Good App i love it <3


9 March 2017

Cannot save any XML templates, neither in the Windows App default folder nor in the Documents folder.


18 February 2017



15 November 2016

Helps visualize what one is designing


7 September 2016

Does not support Toast formatted notifications. And ToastGeneric template.


10 July 2016


3 June 2016

Saved me a lot of time. Thanks to dev!


10 May 2016

it can reduce a lot of work :)


6 May 2016

Let's you test out all the new features without recompiling your code


5 May 2016

This was really useful for testing out new designs quickly. I'm glad it exists! The only thing it didn't catch was when images were too big. They would show up in Notifications Visualizer, but they would not show up in the app. This was the only "gotcha" I encountered.

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