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    * Version EMWIN-NOAAport for KOKX-KBOX - Bug Fixes in "warning" display. Version Live Tile bind was changed back to "Metar" airport conditions from version "Warnings" tile display. This was based on request from a majority of users. For "warnings" tile please download SKYWARN Advanced. The "local warnings" tile was moved to SKYWARN Advanced.

NOAAport Mobile

Built on the EMWIN-NOAAport Alerting architecture, this app can be customized for local area Warnings, Advisories, and Special Weather Statements from any National Weather Service Forecast office. Radar Composite display is available in this app. Due to Windows app size limitations, we can not encompass all NWS products in this app. Customized regional programming is available for this app. This app's NWS defaults are KOKX New York and KBOX Boston. For local customization of this app you would need to provide your 2 closest airport locations for local area coverage. No "Live Tile" is the default for this app's trial period but can be activated with Custom request and purchase. Price Plan: 30 Day Free Trial. $4.99 to buy. Customized local WFO programming $19.99 per app.


  • National, State, and County or Zone level Warnings and Advisories

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15 May 2017

What good is a preview of an app if it doesn't cover my area? I don't live in Boston, nor would I want to. Oh, for $20 they'll send me a modded app for my area. Yeah... suck on this!


19 December 2016

This app works as advertised and can be customized as stated. Some users want it for free....but well worth the price.


4 December 2016

Unimpressive for something that costs 5$. Very weak app.