NFL Fantasy Football Cheat Sheet & Draft Kit 2015

The Official fantasy cheat sheet of the National Football League. Featuring NFL content in addition to the latest player news, injury reports, ADP and VBD. Calculate your rankings based on your league scoring system. The most important day of your fantasy league is draft day. Dominate your draft! *** Draft Features *** * Pick Recommendation Engine: Using our custom Value Based Drafting (VBD) algorithm, players are ranked by value instead of just raw points. Calculated using your league scoring system. * Track all team rosters in your draft. Make better decisions by knowing what players your opponents may be targeting. * Deep custom scoring rules options based on you league scoring system. Includes bonus points, TD length, FG length, return yards, defensive points against. * Accurate stats projections updated several times per week. * Up to the minute player news and injury information. * Complete player schedule. * Sort players via VBD, ADP, AAV or projected points.

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8 September 2015

This app is useless on windows 10. Crashes every time you try to change custom scoring. Cannot change custom scoring. Also only snake draft, no auction drafts. Totally useless.


4 September 2015

Simple and easy to use


30 August 2015

Not a user friendly app. Data on cheat sheet does not match data on player stats. You will 'lose' at the draft.