MyPCBackup lets you access your files from anywhere at anytime using your Windows Store device. View your photos, open your documents, listen to your music, sync more files and watch your videos, all over 3G or wireless. In addition to all these great features, you can also record a voice memo, draw a doodle, take notes, or add a photo to your SyncFolder. You can instantly upload any of your files to MyPCBackup and share them using Windows 8. With the MyPCBackup application your data is wherever you are, right at your fingertips. Never be without a document again whether you are at work, at school, with friends or with family. If you don’t already have a MyPCBackup account, you can easily create one from inside the application and get some free storage space to get started. To get even more access to your files make sure you install the desktop application on your Mac or Windows PC. For more information please visit

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3 April 2017

I'm happy happy happy


17 December 2016

I am not able to log in via the app and MyPCBackup support is not returning my emails for over a week.


18 November 2016

it wont login gives me a server error message


30 September 2016

I tried to sign up, but no server


12 September 2016


17 July 2016

this app wont even open!


22 February 2016

ill find out shortly


14 October 2015



22 October 2014

This program is not very intuitive. I am trying to work with it but if I continue to find it difficult I will cancel


20 October 2014

Very useful for if your computer has crashed and all the data and files are gone!

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