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  • Published by: Markus Hölzle
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  • Supported processors: x86, x64, ARM
  • Language: English, German
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  • Notes:
    * Added similar movies * Open trailers directly * Transparent tile * Added genres * Added cast and crew persons * New feature: save data volume with smaller images * Some bugs fixed * More images for each movie * Faster cache system * Posters and some more images could be saved to media library


The new must-have app: Must-See - Discover your favorite movies! Ever wasted more time searching for a movie you want to watch than actually watching it? Must-See, the new Must-Have App will help you out: It’s a movie service that learns your taste for movies and predicts which movies you will like the most before you watch them! The only thing you need to do is rate a few movies – Must-See will then calculate predictions for all movies you haven’t seen yet using enhanced algorithms on a regular basis. The prediction is based on other peoples ratings that have a similar taste as you – but is sophisticated in such a way that it differs the people with similar tastes for every type of movie. This way Must-See makes it dead simple to find a movie worth watching – it even lists those movies with the best prediction for you so that you can choose between them and that’s it – you’ve found a movie worth watching in seconds! It's showtime! Besides Must-See serves you with all other information you need to discover movies as well: - Information about movie title, release year, duration and story of the movie - Trailers directly playable from YouTube within the App (also with Metrotube) - Big and clear Poster and other Background Images - A list of the whole cast and crew of the movie including image, name and role - Bookmarks function to remember movies you want to watch later - Search function to search online for a movie/actor - Lists of the best rated, most popular, now playing and upcoming movies - TMDb explorer plus much more - Live-Tile with movie predictions - Live-Tile for every movie http://www.must-see.net A real alternative to moviepilot, imdb, movie closet or score11 for every TV and movie junkie! Very useful movie rating app to watch the right movie. Legal Notice: This product uses the TMDb API but is not endorsed or certified by TMDb.

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16 December 2014

Great 😎


4 May 2014

Good idea, but as of right now the experience I'd just mediocre. You do have to log in over and over again and reading a movie is somewhat complicated with those tiny controls and loads of categories. I'd prefer a simpler system ...