Trial version is fully functional :-} Finally you can edit your phone library albums and artists. We present Mosecana app to you which is the only app that can edit album and artist names and images, it even can download latest images automatically. This app is smart enough to find latest albums (in the Marketplace) for your favorite artists even if they are not in your device library … and it offers a lot more . . . please enjoy and let us know what else you would like to have :-)

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25 October 2014



23 February 2014

Idk what's so great about this app that deserves so many 5 stars. What I know is that this app kept directing me to download another app which is really annoying. The core function stated is not there either. Useless app


6 November 2013

I bought this and it doesn't work. Never gets past the download at the beginning, always stops at 40%. Really bummed, I would love to use something like this.


30 June 2013

NOKIA Lumia 822 64G Micro SD card with lots of music Installed trial without a problem. Started updating missing info on startup, and never got past 30%. Was not able to get past the updating to try any of the other features. After waiting better than half a day on WiFi with Internet as well as a power supply, I uninstalled it. Suspect there is a max number of songs it can handle. This is software that wold be very useful. Hopefully whatever the problem is can be ironed out.


19 June 2013

This app sucks, I want my money back


15 May 2013

Organized and smooth


11 May 2013

Music music . . . Nice


10 May 2013



28 April 2013



19 March 2013

I like it

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