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    * Ported application to Windows Universal * Added extra helper for resizing items with mouse or pen * Improved color selection * Added option to set mood board as desktop wallpaper * Added locking of mood board items * Bug fixes

Mood Board

Collect your inspirations and compose beautiful mood boards. Share them with your clients, co-workers, family or friends. Present your mood boards while on the go or build them interactively during a brainstorm session. The perfect solution for starting any creative project. If you are an interior designer, photographer, fashion designer, wedding planner, film maker or any other person in need of gathering inspirational content this app is for you. Quickly determine the creative vision for your project by creating a new mood board, selecting a background and adding photos, notes and colors. Each item can be positioned, rotated or scaled to build the most versatile collage. Give it a try and download Mood Board now!


  • Create an unlimited amount of mood boards
  • Add images from file
  • Directly add a photo by taking a picture
  • Position, rotate and scale items with multitouch gestures
  • Works together with desktop applications through clipboard import and export
  • Save a snapshot to file
  • Set a snapshot as lockscreen image
  • Set a mood board as desktop wallpaper
  • Add a color palette with multiple and configurable colors
  • Addnotes with adjustable font and color
  • Clean UI design so your mood board is directly presentable
  • Mirror images
  • Set transparency of images
  • Remembers last used background and font style
  • Built-in backgrounds for a quick start

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215 comment


3 July 2017

THis is a vision board!


28 June 2017

great for starting out without previous experience.


24 June 2017

I like the idea, but it won't let me save my board or use it as a wallpaper for my pc unless I pay for it. I thought this was free to use if I wanted. Not very happy and I will be uninstalling it.


20 June 2017

Love the ease of the app but I'd like to print banner length mood board.


18 June 2017

but need a lot more options. now it has no 3d conversion background image size rechecking, cropping and all that sort. but rather than using adobe photo shop for making your own vision board , this one is yet an easy drag and drop application...


17 June 2017

Love how I can take picks in app and add them directly!


12 June 2017

i was searching for it wooooooow


9 June 2017

Not a lot of options


7 June 2017

I really like this app. It has helped me with the design of two rooms in the home already.


4 June 2017

I love the app and I think others should try it too it is for all ages and you can do so much with it!!!

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