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MEEDJ – interact with the music you love: you’re the DJ! MEEDJ is a DJ mixing console we created for people who want to easily interact with the music they love and to mix tracks like a DJ, having a simplified interface at their disposal. MEEDJ’s value is the interface itself (developed with a professional DJ), the social features tightly integrated within the App and the strong social engagement metrics (GetAll bundle). You are the DJ! Just load two audio tracks from your music library (or from OneDrive) and start mixing them, by jogging, pitching and applying audio effects, loops, samples… All key features are at your fingertips! If you want you may also upload your work to the cloud and share it on social media. Once shared you can track (GetAll bundle) the feedback coming from social media for your mixes and playlists, thus getting an idea on how much they have been appreciated by your friends. MEEDJ is FREE for ever with Ads. Paid version (GetAll bundle) removes Ads and 15’ recording limit, includes detailed social metrics, an amazing Sample Pad, additional audio filters, cool skins and much more. MAIN FEATURES: • Independent turntables with one-stop access to advanced audio features • Splitting: use one of the Out-channels for the preview • Free sound effects: Cue, Loops, Equalizer, Reverse, Flanger, Echo, Low Pass Filter, Band Pass Filter, High Pass Filter • Scratch / Pitch • Innovative and simplified DJ-interface, designed by a professional DJ, with a one-stop DJing experience • Unmatched sharing and upload capabilities • Channel splitting with preview on the device (pre-cueing) • Amazing Sample Pad: use up to 12 cool samples at a time, for your mixes, without leaving the app • Create, manage and organize your playlists • Integrated player for your tracks • Text to speech and voice recognition features to create effects and save them as samples • Load your tracks from your local Music Library and from OneDrive • Upload your playlists and mixed tracks to Microsoft OneDrive • Share your playlists and mixes on Facebook and Twitter • Share mixes on Sleeve Music and have the opportunity to showcase your work to a worldwide community of music lovers • Get the social engagement level (global visits, likes, reshares, favourites, retweets), for each of your shared playlists and mixes (Get All bundle) • Cool Skins (more coming soon) • New universal Windows 10 version (works on smartphones, tablets, desktops) • Voice commands integrated with Cortana for Windows 10 • Soon also available: Automix and Spotify Music integration… Please, feel free to contact us at support@meedj.com for any feedback, question or suggestion! Happy mixing with MEEDJ ;) --------------------- Follow us on Twitter at https://twitter.com/meedjapp and Like us on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/meedjapp to get news about upcoming updates ;) ---------------------

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30 June 2017



25 June 2017

The app looks attractive and promising. However after installing this thing I discovered that support for .m4a audio files is missing. Most of my digital music came from CD rips using ITunes for windows. I am happy with the interface because it looks nice and feels similar to the edjing dj apps. Also I don't like scrolling through my songs when they're sorted alphabetically. I'm fine with the albums or the artists sorted like that but not the songs alone. Over all MeeDJ has a good start but needs a little more work and more file support. See you in the next update and don't dj and drive at the same time. Pay attention to nothing but the road


24 June 2017

Very good


19 June 2017

I am Love this app!


13 June 2017

Oh my god, I was looking for a great dj app just to mess around with and man did i find it, i really love this app, I initially downloaded on my computer, but now it's on my phone as well and I use it all the time, this app is amazing


6 June 2017

hey you idiots who say you cant add music: read the friggin tutorial!!!


31 May 2017



18 May 2017

I think it's interesting to be able to mix songs on such a portable device; the app layout looks clean, the buttons are spaced well and recognizable, and the file integration system looks great. However, I wasn't even able to try out the program's mixing capabilities because if its inability to read some music files. The app was not able to read basic .m4a files that I have on my phone; they are original compositions I had downloaded from OneDrive, and the reason I decided to get this app in the first place. Again, this has everything it needs to be a great app, but there is poor execution at its core. But: one update could fix this problem, and I will hopefully be revising this review soon.


7 May 2017



3 May 2017


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