Mahjong For You

Mahjong For You is a version of the most popular chinese game Mahjong. The game has 60 interesting and challenging levels.


  • 60 Levels
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11 July 2017

easy and interesting


10 July 2017

To the person who mentioned the ads covering up the tiles. Did you try expanding the game board? I enjoy playing Mahjong and like to try those offered by different publishers. I liked that this game has 60 layouts of increasing difficulty. I have played such Mahjong games from several publishers and with one exception have mastered all the levels and was looking forward to this new challenge. Unfortunately because of the tile design I found it impossible to play. The characters on the tiles are sort of scrunched together making them difficult to identify especially for an old fart like myself. Making the tiles a bit larger and a bit more contrast between the characters and the tile face might help.


9 July 2017

ads clutter to much and on the game board also rendering it unplayable


3 July 2017

Habit forming


30 May 2017

tired of the advertisement, it suck


28 May 2017

Cool tame.


11 May 2017

Easy. Fun. passes the time away. Unless I missed something, it should have more than 60 boards available.


6 May 2017

great game


4 May 2017

I like the challenge


30 April 2017

You start out easy and work your way up by degrees. Can be challenging, but always fun.

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