Lucky Spider Solitaire

Lucky Spider Solitaire is a version of the popular game Spider Solitaire. You can choose to play with 1 Suit, 2 Suits or 4 Suits.


  • 1 Suit
  • 2 Suits
  • 4 Suits
  • Options
  • Undo
  • Restart Current Game

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6 June 2016

I love this game so much.... but I have not for the best of me won any of the 2 suits nor 3suits they are so hard to win. but give it a try yall maybe y'all can beat it


16 May 2016

This game is very challenging and fun.


25 March 2016

It looks pretty - that's about the only good thing I can say about it. It's hard to see, there's no hint button, there's no way to change the background if you find it annoying. Just not a great experience.


12 March 2016

Too much going on the screen to concentrate. Other games are flashing "play me, play me". The colors are too bright and the cards are not easy to read because of their coloration and design. Want to know how I really feel about this game? UGH!


11 March 2016

I liked the old spider Solitaire better, Where it Ask you if you want to play with one or two Decks or do you want to continue with game?


10 March 2016

The font on the cards are difficult to see when stacked in a column, additionally, the three or four pop ups trying to get you to play other games is EXTREMELY ANOYING.


2 March 2016



6 February 2016

Enjoyed playing this game