Lone Heavy Gunner

Lone Heavy Gunner is the game of one man army, combat commando, a lone survivor and an assault commando who is ready to save his country from the enemy Terrorist attack to his soul land. Lone Heavy Gunner is one of the best FPS target base action game for killing and shooting the enemy soldiers. Play and act as a best army commando who is defending the main city and army area from the enemy soldiers and opponent troops who entered into the main territory and Lone Heavy Gunner Commando is very angry to kill these contract killers by the enemy army. Lone Heavy Gunner first person shooter will take you to the accounts of this fearless and brave commando where you can pretend him in a fight for his life against the militants and terrorists hiding in the vast Jungle and created their own military base in Africa and Asia Pacific. These areas are not controlled by any government and has extreme and severe conditions due to the clash of clans. Summoner war message sent by the Army Chief of your command to fight and kill them to save your county and people. MISSION DEFENDER: The enemy has taken over the main city and now entered into the military sensitive area of your country. As a Lone Heavy Gunner and survivor your main role is to kill and shoot any soldier through your mini gun who crossed the main boundary line of the military command area. Shoot the enemy as they are invading and attacking your territory MISSION ATTACK: After successfully defend the homeland from the enemy troops, the Army Chief decided to abolish the enemy military area after chased them into the African Jungle. You have selected as a top army commando to complete this mission to destroy and rescind the military area and face the resistance from the infantry troops and heavy armored vehicles. You have to show them your shooting and firing skills with anti-vehicle rocket launcher as a devoted army commando. It’s the test of your skills and the counter strike from the enemy will let you play the game strategically. MISSION ANNIHILATION: It’s the time of strike again and total destruction, few enemy left in the Asia’s Pacific territory and has setup a base there now your army prepare to attack and destroy them completely with gun and heavy equipped tracking rockets. You are a lone army commando, be the single man army and face the substantial resistance with troops, armored vehicles, Jeeps, Tanks and AH-64 Apache gunship. GAME FEATURES: • Furious, breakneck commando shooting and striking war game • Beautiful realistic 3d battlefield • Modern army weapons • Armors to protect your self • Air striker help • Real sound effects • 3D and HD Graphics • Good control of the weapons • Level oriented game

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31 May 2017

Adds in the middle of the screen that you can't get rid of, no options to set up your controls, annoying music. A skip if you ask me.


2 April 2017

Because the ads in the middle of the screen


6 February 2017

I installed The game "Lone Heavy Gunner" from the Store. I started to try to play it in the XBOX game hub from my laptop. It has the game screen almost blocked with three ads. In an atempt to move or close an ad I clicked on one and immediatly had the following pop up on my screen: "windowserror39.com says: **YOUR COMPUTER HAS BEEN BLOCKED** Error # 365898b2596ffa6 Please call us immediately at :(877) 764-1210 Please do not ignore this safety alert. If you close this page before calling us, your computer access will be disabled to prevent further damage to our network. Ypur computer has alerted us that it has been infected with a spyware and a virus. Our systems detected that the following information is compromised... > Facebook Login > Credit Card Number > Email Account Login > Photos stored on this computer You must call us immediately so that our engineers can walk you through the removal process over the phone. A certified Windows Support agent is standing by for your ca


16 January 2017

I love this game it fun to play, this game will keep you going for a long time