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  • Category: Personalization
  • Published by: LSDigital
  • Permissions:
    • Use your device network services
    • Use your music
    • Use the media items that are currently playing
    • Use any of your Windows Phone sensors
    • Access your browser
    • Use information about your device
    • Use the photos in your media library
    • Use your phone
  • Supported processors: x86, x64, ARM
  • Language: Italian, English, French, Polish, Portuguese, Spanish, Russian, German
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  • Notes:
    * Update version 2.2: -Blur, Sharp or Fade your wallpapers. Update version 2.1.0: -New categories added! Update version 2.0.5-2.0.7: -categories updated Update version 2.0.4: -bug fixes -categories updated Update version -bug fixes Update version 2.0.3: -bug fixes -small changes -categories updated Update version -bug fixes Update version 2.0.2: -category translation -help for purchasing items Update version -every category updated with new photos Update version 2.0.1: -Small changes Update version 2.0: -Now you can have up to 4 personalized categories (purchased or earned) -Now you can remove ads -Now you can increase the number of new updates or combined categories up to 20 per day. Update version 1.5.0: -bug fixes -every category updated with new photos -save option internally redesigned -general speed improvement -category photos right on the first screen (advanced mode)

Lockscreen Wallpapers

Now with Lockscreen Wallpapers you can have the fastest and the best wallpapers provider on the store, with some cool unique features like: -Combine your categories: Fantasy + Movies, Music + Girls, Faces + Sketch, Artistic + Girls + Sketch, ... (advanced mode) -Ability to add your own categories, like: Kitten, Sea, Joy, Rain, Clothes, Pens, ... -Set your wallpaper with 2 clicks only -Select one of the 44(+4) categories available -Set your lock screen -Save any photo to your saved pictures library(advanced mode) -Choose between SD or HD photos and Portrait or Landscape modes -Blur or Fade your wallpapers, so they look nicer under some -Always know if you are using Wi-Fi or Cellular Data. text. Now you can have your wallpapers easily and fast! Don't forget: -Click on "HD" if you want to see new photos -Click on the "portrait" symbol to see new photos -Click on "HD" and "portrait" to see even more new photos -(+): advanced mode

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19 June 2017



25 January 2017

Would be nice if the images loaded but they don't even do that sure to limitations!!! What the **** is that???


21 January 2017

I will give you the reviews after downloading so hold on


24 July 2016

Great app


13 July 2016

Cool 😎


5 July 2016

Is very good


2 July 2016

I love❤ this application it works good with my phone.


30 May 2016

Esta chida


20 May 2016

Ate agora pra min eo melhor


12 May 2016

Fajna stronka 😏

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