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  • Supported processors: x86, x64, ARM
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    * v3.1 - Fixed a bug that causes logins to fail in some situations v3.0 - Images can be marked as "Favourite" - Search can list only your Favourite images (if desired) - Images can be shared on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ or through Windows 8 applications (like Mail or MetroTwit) - Tag selector now resets the tag selector - API performance improvements v2.2 - Performance improvements - Improved WallpaperFusion API integration (faster, more reliable) - Fixed a search issue that caused results to be hidden sometimes v2.1 - Fixed the logo on the main page - Fixed an issue that caused the tags list to be hidden - Performance improvements and bug fixes v2.0 - Rate your favourite images - View community ratings for images - Login using Facebook or WallpaperFusion account to rate images - Filter your searches by tags (vehicles, animals, space, artistic... etc) - Bug fixes for snapping and small-screen layouts v1.4 - Improved screen size detection - Improved image quality - Improved snapped layouts v1.2 - Integrates with the Charms bar for searching - Main search returns more images now v1.1 - Added a "Save to My Computer" button for saving the images without using them - Added a "View Source" link for images that require attribution.


Use LockPic to quickly and easily change your Windows 8 Lock Screen image. LockPic is the only app with access to 1000's of amazing images from WallpaperFusion. It's completely free and super-easy to use!


  • Change your lock screen image
  • Search 1000's of online images to find the perfect one
  • Rate images and see other people's ratings
  • Mark image as favourites and build your own collection
  • Share images on Facebook, Twitter or Google+

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13 June 2015

The images are beautiful and very unique


3 August 2014

Need to login to use own photos


10 February 2014



28 March 2013

The picture look really amazing in the app preview, but after setting it to lock screen, picture quality is poor, darker and obviously different from the preview.


21 January 2013

I like this app and please add more apps more games more everything please add games like fun run and farm story


5 January 2013

Guys everybody needs to downloads this app. Its amazing. The app makes me fell like my tablet is more personalized romaine if you want to put it that away. One request I want to make is plz add more video games pcs including: Battlefield 3, All of the Call of Duty series, and Halo pica are freaking awesome I would recommend this app to everyone with a windows 8 device; but it mainly enhances the experience on a tablet


3 January 2013

This app kinda sucks. The pictures are bad, occasionally poor quality/resolution, and are categorized poorly. If I'm looking for nature pictures, I don't want twenty shots of giant military planes in front of clouds or mountains. Also, there seems to be no way to add pics to one's 'favorites,' and the scrollbar doesn't reset after changing categories, leaving you looking at a bunch of black squares until they finish loading, or you scroll all the way back to the beginning (left).


26 December 2012

this app is sure to provide a richness of beautiful pics!!


14 December 2012

Beautiful images and one click update of lockscreen. One wish would be a way to view pictures by category.


2 December 2012

it does not working 4 me,,every time it is asking 4 windows activation ,,but actually my window is genuine.

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