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  • Published by: Hannes Biribauer
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    • Access your Internet connection
    • Use the appointments in your calendar
  • Supported processors: x86, x64, ARM
  • Language: Hungarian, Swedish, Danish, Norwegian (Nynorsk), English, German
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    * Fixed reported issues

Live Tile Calendar 10

'Live Tile Calendar 10' shows your appointments on a live tile and offers much more options than the built in windows/windows phone calendar. - Shows 4 appointments per day - Support various live tile sizes - Duration to an appointment and appointment status are shown - Day, month, and week number is shown - Optional display of the location of an appointment - Optionally appointments can be shown in their calendar color - This calendar color can be configured individually to override the default settings - Appointments from different calendars can be shown or hidden, for example to not show appointments from specific calendars on the live tile Additionally, 'Live Tile Calendar 10' offer lock screen integration. You can assign the app as a lock screen provider - this allows you to see 3 appointments (instead of only 1) on your lock screen. 'Live Tile Calendar 10' update its live tile and the lock screen automatically and periodically every 30 minutes or immediately, when new appointments are entered. 'Live Tile Calendar 10' offers the option to automatically start the internal calendar of your device, when the app is started. Thus you can use the windows/widows phone calendar as usual, but now the live tile offers far more options! 'Live Tile Calendar 10' is a universal windows app, which means you only need to buy it once to install it on all your devices (PC, tablet, phone). 'Live Tile Calendar 10' has a free trial version. Please test the app before you buy it and give me feedback on problems or ideas for future extensions: office@hannesbiribauer.com


  • Multiple appointments on live tile
  • Lockscreen integration
  • Many configuration options

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11 July 2017

I loaded the trial and like another reviewer, was very happy with the preview, and very disappointed when the actual tile was just an icon. BUT after an hour or so (perhaps less; I wasn't watching) it did turn into a live tile, just like I wanted and like the preview showed. It may help you to know also that it integrates with the accounts you've already added to the computer using the Mail/Calendar apps - no need to worry about having to provide authorization to the app and wonder whether it will work with your email service. If you can see the calendar you want in the stock Windows 10 calendar app, it'll work with this app.


26 June 2016

I set up which calendars to include and colors, and the PREVIEW looks great! The actual start tile is just the static app logo even at largest sizing. Waste of money.


29 April 2016

I had trouble with my prior calendar app updating it's live tile for the current day, so I went looking for a Windows 10 app. I wanted a transparent live tile to display color-coded appointments for selected calendars. This does that with a beautifully simple interface. It also works with PC giving me a much nicer tile than the built in calendar.


27 April 2016

Als Week View 8.1 Benutzer erwartete ich fälschlicherweise eine Weiterentwicklung zu erhalten. Leider falsch gedacht. Das merkte ich erst als ich versuchte Kopieren und Einfügen zu anzuwenden. Zu früh gekauft. Kein Week View Ersatz. Habe erst gehandelt und dann erst nachgedacht. Die App hat eine andere Zielsetzung, die ich nicht verstanden hatte. Werde mich bessern.


5 March 2016

I love it! So organized and easy to see appointments on the live tile


2 February 2016

The app combines best of both worlds: a useful tile, which is able to display more than one appointment at a time, and the power of the native Calendar app. Strongly suggested to anyone who relies on the calendar to manage their days!