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Little Newborn Baby Birth

--Features-- - Play as a sweet little princess named Emma! - Help Mommy Barbara in collecting things for the hospital! - Check the heartbeat of Mommy & Coco! - See Coco in Mommy’s Tummy through Ultrasound! - Help Mommy Barbara Push & Breathe! It’s that intense! - But what if it’s a cesarian birth? Well, that won’t be a problem, the doctors can handle that! - Oh & Sweet Princess Emma, Don’t forget the makeover! Yaaaay! A new baby is on its way! Welcome the little one to the world and give him/her all the love in the world. You play as a sweet little princess named Emma, and you have to help Mommy Barbara give a natural birth or a cesarian birth and take care of the new baby! But what should we call the new baby? After all the baby needs to have a name… Well, how about Coco? It has a nice ring to it, don’t you think? So come on and join Mommy Barbara in giving birth to little Coco. Who knows it might be a cesarian birth, or a normal one. Whatever the case is, you will have to take good care of Mommy Barbara! Oh, and the newborn baby might look funny at first so be sure to give him/her a good makeover! When a baby is born you have to take very good care of them, especially if it’s a cesarian birth. So be a sweet princess and give the baby an amazing makeover before taking him/her home. So then, Sweet princess Emma, what are you waiting for? Download Newborn Baby Birth, give little coco baby all the love and care in the world, give them an amazing makeover, and take them home to daddy!

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28 May 2017

I really hate the way the baby crys when she is pregnant with the baby and it's hard to feed mom and u know what she wants and then she gets angry when I can not squirl down I give this game a thumbs down 👎


12 March 2017

It's ok I guess 😩


12 February 2017

Es chivo


8 October 2016



11 September 2016

It wasn't that great


25 June 2016

ولی زیاد کودکانه بود


13 May 2016



7 April 2016

It's not good it's soooooooooooooo boring😒😠😒😒😔😫


19 March 2016

It is a awesome game


5 March 2016

It was okay,I loved it but it could of been better 👌😍

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