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Learning Point - A single location to explore Science, Computer Science, Math and History. Science App contains Astronomy, Physics, Electronics, Chemistry, Biology,Shows and Medicine. Computer Science App contains DS& Algorithms, AI and Neural Networks, Machine Learning, Windows, Android, i OS, Software Design and much more... Math contains Algebra, Geometry, Trigonometry,Probability, Calculus, Statistics and much more... History contains Africa, Europe, Asia, and much more...


  • Amazing app for Learning Science, Computer Science, Math, History and much more...

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21 September 2015

The app did explain math well but didn't offer any exercises to practice or hone my skills before going to the next level. Sadly that practice is how I learn. It appears to me that the majority of the lectures (especially in the "health" section) can be watched online, many on Youtube without the app. There was also a "course" in the "health" section called "Electrotherapy in Physiotherapy" which was an advertisement for the Tens machine, even the Sales Manager gave her 2 cents. A sales manager should not be present in an educational lecture. Also, a course called "Music Therapy: Relaxing Music" which wasn't a course but 45 minutes of relaxing music. This did nothing to teach me about music therapy, how it works or if even does. This app did explain math but without exercises I didn't really learn it. Also, with all that was mixed in with valid lectures, I would recommend double checking everything they present as "education" or "teaching".


28 January 2015

no videos played


11 November 2013

Love this thing! So much information compiled right before you in an easy and attractive way! I get on this thing almost everyday!


8 November 2013

it doesn't let you use half of the videos


27 June 2013

The app doesn't seem to work on my Surface Pro after I download it. It doesn't go past the welcome screen. It needs Live Tile update and I hope it will improve in the future. Sent from my Surface Pro


5 March 2013

The videos are informative enough but it would be much better if they were put in order from basic to advanced instead of a random order.


20 February 2013

Some of the videos have started playing but many of them still aren't playing......


16 February 2013

Sorry Sanjay and Nora for the inconvenience. The app was down for couple of days and the issues fixed with latest updates. Please give a try and thanks for your huge support. Thank you.


15 February 2013

These videos are a great learning tool. When I installed the app. it worked well; but the second or third time using it, nothing worked. I have had this problem before with this program. I have had to uninstall it.


14 February 2013


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