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    * Version - Improved design of editing page with horizontal splitter control. Previous Versions - Fixed issue with animations not starting in design view - Fixed issue with progress bar not hiding after video creation - Fixed issue where the app would crash if cancelling video creation - Fixed an issue with some YouTube videos couldn't be navigated to if they had a | in their name - Fixed an issue with keyboard navigation of left navigation menu pane - Enabled all numeric edit boxes with up/down dragging & fixed scale of some - Added ability to link Scale X, Y, and Z parameters

Kinetic Typography

Free for a limited time! NEW: Try creating a lyric video with songs from Neon Hitch NEW: Try creating a video with recordings from NASA's space race. The first creative tool made specifically for creating Kinetic Typography animations as videos or web pages. Start with a song, a poem, a famous speech or even your own words and then put the words to motion.


  • Create lyric videos for upload to YouTube
  • Create CSS animations for web pages
  • Select an audio file or record your own
  • Create MP4 videos or HTML pages

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26 March 2017



31 March 2016

very ease to use ....


19 March 2016

Tnx for windows 10 Supporting


7 March 2016

I just published a big update for Windows 10 that fixes a number of usability issues. (3/7/2016) Thanks for the feedback - I built Kinetic Typography and any feedback is appreciated - if you are experiencing app crashing, please put the circumstances of the crash in the review or email KineticTypographyApp@outlook.com with a bug report. I really want to make Kinetic Typography the best app possible. I made Kinetic Typography because I wanted to learn what is possible with CSS animations (a lot) and wanted to create a design tool for it. Thanks, Michael


21 August 2015

This app has the potential to be something great. But it's hard to tell if that potential can be realized because the UI is incredibly hard to understand without a tutorial. I loaded up a song but couldn't manipulate the timeline to get to specific areas of the song. Changing the font or size of your type or changing the resolution (640x480 by default in 2015? REALLY?) isn't readily available in the app but in the properties menu. Since when did toolbars become a crime? Dragging to change the duration of a section is slow and awkward. I could use an app like this to create cool stuffs but not with the current UI. It's a chore to attempt to use as is.


27 October 2014

As a person with no experience whatsoever in typography, it's difficult to understand at first. A tutorial would be great!


1 May 2014

Love this app....