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Kinectimals Unleashed

Breaking news – Kinectimals has gone to the dogs! From the makers of the wildly successful Kinectimals franchise comes Kinectimals Unleashed! Have you ever wanted to grab your favorite canine pal and explore the exciting dog island of Villeria? How about embarking on an adventure to a mysterious tropical island with your best Bengal Tiger friend? We’ve got you covered! Kinectimals Unleashed delivers more than 85 furry four legged friends to play with and care for. Think you can collect them all? We’ve included all the best games from Agility Courses to Beach Volleyball, Flying Disc to Jump Roping – we’ve included hundreds of toys and collectibles to keep you and your new friends entertained for hours! Kinectimals Unleashed: More furry friends, more places to explore, more fun!


  • Kinectimals Unleashed is the most complete Kinectimals collection to date!
  • Now with dogs! See if you can collect all 85 furry friends to play with including all of your favorite Tigers and Bears!
  • Lots of tropical areas to explore with your best four legged friend, including the all new dog island of Villeria!
  • Unlock hundreds of toys and games to enjoy with all your friends!
  • Play and care for your friends all while learning new tricks and earning new rewards!
  • Customize your friends and put on a show! Photograph and share with friends on Facebook and Twitter!
  • Share gifts with your two legged friends and work together for bonuses!
  • Message of the day feature ensure that you are always receiving new content and challenges every day!

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8 July 2017

it gimes me a persinalite


22 June 2017

This is the best Kinectimals game ever! Although I can't find out how to get napping pets back to being the active dog...


16 June 2017

the game makes me cry of my dog named bullet who died from a dreadful disease. he was not even moving a part of his body he only lifted his when he saw me crying sitting near him. and then he died... you know there is a personal relation between you and dog. the puppy in first level reminds me of my dog.....I can't stop myself crying......🐶🐶🐶🐶🐶😭😭😭😭😭💔💔


14 June 2017

This game is so cool!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


8 June 2017

That's a good game I ever see!!!


28 May 2017

This Is A Nice Game For Kids


5 May 2017

I'm always stuck playing ******* Disc


4 May 2017

while most of the games challenges gives you enough time to have room for error, Daily challenges for coins and gems are on the borderline of impossibility. The god awful time it takes for the animal to prepare themselves for another disk throw or ball toss is astounding... doing tricks is even worse! unless you have lightning quick reflexes and a superior mastery of the games mechanics, something most kids aren't capable of (despite the demographic this game was designed for) you aren't going to complete the challenges like the game wants you want to. If you don't care about succeeding or getting achievements, don't waste you time with this garbage. Angry Video Game Nerd would have nicer things to say about this game than what I really want to about this trash


19 April 2017

The game is fine, but it's taking up way too much space in my laptop... I would like to uninstall the game... I've looked & looked, but there is no way of uninstalling this game... I suggest people don't install this game if they don't want to be stuck with it forever... If you know how to uninstall the game, please tell me...


17 April 2017

Well this game requires a lot of patience, you can either level up really fast by purchasing item or wait for daily events & stuffs for EXP bonuses upgrade

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