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    * - Improvement on the Sync with Jorte Cloud. - Showing the icons on the Jorte Cloud events. - Other bug fixes. - Bug fixes - Now you can Sync with Jorte's "My Calendar" through Jorte Cloud - You can view the shared calendars of Jorte. *Cannot edit the shared calendars yet, only view. - Other bug fixes. - Event's notification will appear on Action Center - Bug fixes - notably text truncation with small-size window. *We are working hard to get the Cloud Sync as now. Please wait a bit longer. Supported Windows10 UWP. Implemented Cortana Lancher - say "Jorte" to lauch the Jorte Calendar. 1.2.0 . Minor bug fixes.

Jorte Calendar & Diary

Jorte is THE Calendar & Organizer application that has been chosen by more than 27 million users around the world. Now the Windows version is ready. Simple and easy-to-use intuitive calendar app is now available on PCs and Tablets. It helps in managing the important events and diaries for the person or business use. The app will be updated constantly as we are working on adding more features. Please let us know your opinion and requests about the designs and requests. Your opinion and suggestions are really important and will help us improve the app. NEW!! Now the Jorte Cloud My Calendar can be synced through this app. Please make sure you update your Windows 10 version to the latest one. And download it from this page again. Caution: To users with Windows 10 version younger than 1511. Please update Widows 10 version first. The Jorte app available for Windows 10 of version 1511 and above, has the latest features including My Calendar Sync with Jorte Cloud. Please update your Windows 10 version to the newest one available, and try downloading the Jorte app again from this page. To Be Developed: •ON/OFF of each calendar •Editing the shared calendars •Color Settings of each calendar •Diary Sync/Edit with Jorte Cloud •Event Calendar •Syncing other calendar services


  • Manage your events and diaries
  • Add icons to your calendar
  • Register your diaries in a bigger screen
  • Screen colors settings
  • Font settings

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14 June 2017

I have to coordinate a lot of schedules but I don't need anything complicated. This is simple enough to use and does what I need. The diary is a great way for me to note all the things I do when I feel like I'm not doing anything. I do wish I could use 12 hour time.


10 June 2017

This is a great app to get thoughts out, and it helps me keep track of my exams and stuff for school. I like to take notes on it and use the calendar to keep tack of due dates, test days, and my schedule.


9 June 2017

If one only viewed the PC version s/he would laugh. It's a useless, embarrassment for the company. I use the Android and Cloud versions. This should be removed from the app store until its comparable to other versions.


25 May 2017

It is not like what it used to be. Missing the Holidays. I can not delete it.


23 May 2017

This app is pretty much useless. I do use jorte on android and web but this thing is not ready for prime time. It doesn't sync anything useable.


1 April 2017

Just downloaded the latest ver for win10. I have been using it for years on android w/NO problems. Theree is NO place to sign in. HELP pls. Settings has nothing to choose from.


26 March 2017

Rất tiện lợi để ghi công việc, nhưng hiện giờ mở không được


17 February 2017

The layout is PERFECT, but I need to be able to sync the diary too...not just the calendar. I'm using it as a medical diary for a parent and need to be able to share the diary with my siblings!


29 January 2017

No menu no diary, no cloud sync. Not at all as good as android version. Very disappointed. Looking for different program for pc, android, and win uh phone.


31 December 2016

Having recently acquired an iPad, while owning a windows computer with an android phone; I have come to discover that this app works just perfectly with the sign in feature to sync across all devices without any problems! I have yet to find another app that is a small time app like this one.

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