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Japanese Hub

Featured in Nokia Conversations and the International Business Times Top Apps of the week! Whether you've never studied Japanese before or want to take the most advanced proficiency tests, Japanese Hub will get you there. Japanese Hub teaches you the language, writing, has dictionaries, and flashcards, each of which is normally in a separate app, making this the most comprehensive app among Windows Phone, iOS, and Android apps. This app isn't so much an app as a Japanese language learning suite. You can even get a discount by gifting it to a friend! It's really like 4 apps in one, with: *Lesson, Vocabulary, and Kanji sections unlockable without purchasing full version *27 written lessons with conversations *Lessons on writing Japanese characters (Hiragana and Katakana) *1,200 vocabulary words *13,000 entry kanji dictionary - arranged by grade taught and Japanese Language Proficiency Test - Readings/Translations in English, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Chinese, *Romaji -> Kana Conversion Korean (Hangul), Korean Romanized, Japanese kun (native Japanese), Japanese on (Chinese readings) *Look up the meanings of the sub-elements of each kanji *Practice drawing each kanji *Watch the kanji, Hiragana, and Katakana be drawn stroke by stroke *Random quizzes English, Roman letters (Romaji), Japanese, writing and recognition (all to and from) *163,000 entry Japanese/English dictionary *Audio pronunciation of any word or phrase *Add any item to a list for special studying *Live tile updates taken from the lessons, vocabulary, and kanji databases *Social networking: share words, phrases, kanji and your accomplishments on your social networks as you learn. *Be welcomed to the home screen with a selection of 13 beautiful background images. *Black and white theme support *Voice commands in English, Spanish, French, and Portuguese to enter any part of the app

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10 June 2017

Fantastic app. Works really well to keep you surrounded by the Japanese language


8 April 2017

Please make payment optional, for example, as a donation, instead of requiring $10 just to unlock lessons beyond the first one!


7 April 2017

Great I love the app


9 March 2017

Great app ! But please help me when I tap on the speaker icon I cannot hear the words. Please help and I will surely rate 5 stars. Please help.


10 February 2017

This is an excellent app


1 February 2017



9 January 2017

Hi I like everything. I just need to learn this language.


4 December 2016



1 October 2016



7 September 2016

Very helpful app for learning Japanese, just started using it a few hours ago and already have a better understanding. Tried free version and liked it, bought full ver for $10 and don't regret it one bit! I have used alot of material before but none seemed to ever explain much. This app on the other hand has nice explanations, I like that you can view each word in each form of writing as well as hear it being said. The quizzes are a nice touch to help you memorize and retain the info. I like that you can also practice writing the characters also. Its cool that the app also shows you the stroke order and you can watch it be written while you write it. My only suggestion would be to add an option to turn off the multi colors for all forms of writing if you wish. When writing many stroke kanji, its hard for me personally to look at it as a proper character when its several different colors. If you could turn off the colors So it draws white like the image that would be nice.

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