InPixio Photo Editor

Transform your photos quickly and easily with our impressive photo effects Photo Enhancement Focused on Simplicity Produce professional photos easily. Thanks to InPixio Photo Editor anyone can now produce professional looking photos that you can share on social media or send as postcards to family and friends. The photo editor from InPixio lets you add a wide range of impressive effects quickly and easily. Choose from a number of designs and frames to showcase the theme of your photos. Cut and crop, adjust brightness and contrast and make just about any modification. Our software is specifically designed as a user-friendly product with easy to understand instructions. Transform the ordinary into amazing! Photos taken outdoors on an overcast day or in extreme sunshine can lose their intended appeal and end up not being suitable to share with others. The photo editor can easily turn photos that look dull or overly bright into images that ‘pop’ by allowing you to change the color, brightness and tone of your pictures. Don’t let improper lighting or poor composition stand in the way of articulating your special moments. Cut/Crop, tint, saturate or add a vintage look all with the InPixio Photo Editor. Not to mention, our software is specifically designed for ease of use so you can begin right away! Editing photos is simple With our Photo Editor you can take complete control over the look and feel of your images. Use preset effects, adjust contrast, saturation, tint, brightness and much more. Crop or re-size the photo and then dress it up with a texture overlay or picture frame. Frame your masterpiece! Apply great effects to create that polished look then add a frame from a variety of styles.


  • Use classic frames, design frames, coloured or fun frames to create unique pieces of art!
  • Filters & effects like vintage, black & white, seasons, old film, cinematic, and much more!
  • Blur tool Includes Tilt-Shift & Artistic Blur effects that bring the subject of the photo to life!
  • Textures can be used to add amazing overlays
  • Tone Curve – used to brighten or darken tones in your image
  • Vignetting – Create professional looking photos with oval frames
  • Batch Mode – apply changes to a several photos at once
  • Save personal presets that can be used in a single click for future projects
  • 100 Filters & Effects
  • 80 Frames
  • 40 Textures

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22 June 2017

I don't like that It has no touch up and everything I need is only in premium.


1 June 2017

Really don't have much work with unless you buy the app everything is premium and no way to redo or remove backgrounds


22 May 2017

+ Really easy to use + Cool filters (scroll through entire list) + Free version have good functionality (thank you)


18 May 2017

Simple and easy to use photo editor. I was able to edit and improve my photos in just minutes.


28 April 2017

Really easy to use photo editor with good functionality. I was able to easily crop, edit, and use the pre-defined filters to make my pictures look much better. The free versions has a nice selection of pre-defined filters and features. Nice product.


12 April 2017

The very first tab which allows you to open Windows explorer to browse the file made it crash. Unable to open existing files for editing. Seems like nobody tested it before release. Such a shame for organization.


10 April 2017

It won't let me open one of my existing photos. Was excited to use this app, but won't let me edit my pics.