Take advantage of Windows Ink for drawing. InkPaint is an ink-based drawing app with tools supporting advanced pen tip shapes. New features includes pencil and stencils, as well as improved SVG export to show scalable drawings on the Web in high fidelity. DRAW IN DIGITAL INK • Use your device's pen or your finger to draw on your screen* • Pen with advanced tips (width/height balance, angle and shape, pressure-varying size) • Pencil (modifiable and pressure-varying opacity)** • Stencils, including ruler and grid, to draw perfectly straight lines and parallels** • Save drawings in their original ink serialized format .wnk files (WISPINK/ISF) • Copy/paste with other ink-compatible apps (such as Microsoft® Office) USE AND SHARE YOUR DRAWINGS • Export to commonly used raster image formats including PNG and JPEG • Export to SVG to show your drawings on the Web in vectorial quality Check out the website for more details: Check out the companion website and try out our upcoming Animated Web Ink technology: *Hardware dependent, but compatible with mouse. **Requires Windows 10 Version 1607 "Anniversary Update".


  • Use your device's pen or your finger to draw on your screen
  • Load/Save Windows Ink (WISPINK/ISF) file format (.wnk;.isf) and GIF with embedded ink (*.gif)
  • Advanced pen tip shapes for calligraphic styles (nib width/height balance, angle and shape)
  • Pencil, Ruler, and other stencils support in Windows 10 Version 1607
  • Export to raster (pixels-based) images: PNG, JPEG, TIFF, GIF, BMP
  • Export to vector graphics: SVG, SVGZ, HTML5 for use on the Web
  • Copy/Paste with ink-compatible apps (such as Microsoft® Office)

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8 July 2017

theirs a lot of tools missing like paint bucket and some more colors and different tools otherwise its a pretty good sketch app I would recommend it just plz add more colors and tools that would be awesome sauce!!! :D


4 July 2017

I like that you have all the tools you need but I don't like that it dose not have the size I want


29 June 2017

I would love to see layers, color wheel, more tools and such. It overall feels nice. I wish that the eraser took didn't always erase the stroke you make. Sometimes want to erase a bit of the line ya know. Can't wait to see how the app improves.


25 June 2017

I love where this app is headed but it's not very useful for me now. The navigation is my main sticking point. Its too difficult to get into a groove. It requires too much switching between tools ex. I can't pinch to zoom without first selecting the move tab.


22 June 2017

The program seems to be designed well, but I expected more color choices.


17 June 2017

InkPaint crashed on me several times, and it didn't save my work. I thought it would on its own but it doesn't. I don't like this app and I will delete it and never use it again


9 June 2017

muy agil, basico, buena performace inclusive en maquinas lentas, no tiene undo


3 June 2017

I have been hunting for a drawing app or program that is vector-based, pressure sensitive, and Win 10 (not requiring 3rd party or legacy drivers). This is the first I've found. It feels great drawing! Some more features will always be welcome (like Undo and easier switching between editing & drawing), but I am really enjoying this. Thank you! -- EDIT: One bug, the drawing is exporting at fill-opacity 0.5


17 May 2017

Probably the best I've found on the app store. I wish it was possible to have the zoom and pens up at the same time. As well as a miniature of the file on the zoom page, so that it was easier to find the spot I'm trying to zoom onto. My biggest complaint is that you can't have layers. It's a pretty basic art app, but for being free, I can't complain too much.


9 May 2017

The app overall is incomplete, lacking features such as action history (undo/redo), layering, ability to add more brushes/pens, an area-based eraser, not supporting touch gestures on the art board like rotating and zooming while using the draw tool, a small map used for navigation, custom colors (coming soon I've seen), among others. At the moment, it's lacking many features and can, at best, be used for quick sketches. However, I see that the developer behind this is has extensive history with Windows Ink, and it's very possible that this could be better than Microsoft's own Windows Ink tools. It works smoothly, without issues for me. That's really good news considering it's a preview app. I give it 5 stars for that.

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