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  • Category: Action & adventure
  • Published by: Ravi Industries
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  • Supported processors: x86, x64, ARM
  • Language: English (United States)

Impossible Cube Dash 3D Game

An incredible running action over 3D obstacles- help the cube jump over all hurdles shaped in various geometry shapes and variety of colors. Seeking a fast paced arcade game?? Prepare for a near to impossible challenge as you tap your finger to dodge over the spiky objects- your cube has to race through the levels without crashing. Jump, dunk or pass through these shapes. Prepare to get blown away with this amazing cube game! Here’s a solid challenge that’s bound to be a sure test for your reflexes!! Focus on the racer cube all set to rush along the track. Survive the impossible task of dodging box shaped and spiky obstacles. The longer you roll along taking care not to dash into objects, the higher you score! Experience different power ups with your triumph. How to Play: • Tap and hold for cube to jump over obstacles Features: • Crisp, cool graphics • Wonderful sound effects • Amazingly addictive The power is in the swipe of your fingers- a real test to your reflex and timing as you flip the cube to escape obstacles!! Play cautiously- you need to jump over some objects, while for others you have to duck under! Escape hurdles; flip over and under the obstacles with grit and determination. The race is on- can you survive??

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29 November 2015

This game is Auctally really easy, it just provides the mind with tricks and obstacles, I myself can't get past 40 seconds. But that's because of the tricks, I would recommend this to all that like mind games that are Auctally fun I would rate this 5 stars


1 October 2015

It is amazing **** u suck a dick


9 August 2015

Terrible. Don't bother