Host Me Panel

HostMe is everything you need to successfully run your restaurant business! Fill more tables faster using this modern front-of-house system that manages your wait list, reservations, and loyalty program - all from a completely customizable app! RESTAURANT RESERVATIONS SYSTEM Accept reservations from your website or the mobile app while protecting your restaurant from no-shows and avoiding double-booking! TABLE MANAGEMENT Seat more guests with one-click table assignment capability and restaurant occupancy tracking on a totally customizable floor map. WAIT LIST Maximize your host stand's efficiency and eliminate costly pager losses by tracking wait times and sending guests an SMS when their table is ready. RESTAURANT LOYALTY SYSTEM Quickly and easily create a custom loyalty program so you can fill tables on slow days, reward your guests, and get to know your customers.


  • Restaurant reservations system
  • Table management
  • Waitlist
  • Loyalty system and Guestbook
  • Server's management
  • Online reservations

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26 August 2016

User friendly, well designed interface and easy to use app. Love it!