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Improve clarity on your Start Screen by adding headlines and empty space between groups of live tiles. This way you have grouping similar to Windows 8 on your Windows Phone, too - wide tiles supported - easy updating of tiles if phone theme is changed - just tap a headline tile to modify it - any text can be used as headline - support for multiple colors including accent and foreground - multiple font sizes Note: if you just want to add spaces without text between tiles, please check out my other app 'Spacer Tile' which makes managing empty tiles very easy. Version history V1.0.3 - minimized needed phone Access rights - added tip-me/ad free option V1.0.2 - Bugfix for Color picker V1.0.1 - Enhanced Color selection - Enhanced Font Size - UI improvements

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30 December 2015

These are a great addition to designing your own custom design tiles. Works fantastic and very easy to use. Great Work!! 😎👌👍


4 October 2015

Why you give an app that you can make tiles transparent and one that can't... I was looking exactly for this app but I wanna name my tile and make it transparent, but I can't, then you have the spacer that can but not name it... So you have to integrate both features in one...


5 September 2015

For Windows 10 mobile the tiles should be transparent. Otherwise it is jut a black tile on the background image.


29 April 2015



17 March 2015

For what I wanted, almost perfect. It would be nice to have a transparent tile option. Then I could give it 6 stars.


10 February 2015

UI for you can do you yyt Yi


15 January 2015

Just what I was looking for! Thankyou, now I am all organised! 5 stars for you!


1 October 2014

Tpiikjmik ukkhyltl


23 September 2014

This is so cool


20 September 2014

"Pin Image to Start" is so much better & easier to use! Uninstalled. (Nokia Lumia icon user)

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