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    * Update v1.2.2.0: 1. Added icons for ANG, BBD, BTN, GIP, KYD, and SHP 2. Correct icon for LYD Many thanks to my dear user sensei100000 for providing the icons! Update v1.2.1.0: 1. Correct icon for DOP 2. Added icon for XCD Update v1.2.0.0: 1. Show trend charts of exchange rates Update v1.1.9.0: ...

Handy Currency Converter

Handy Currency Converter now supports to convert among multiple currencies simultaneously! Handy Currency Converter provides a easy and fast way to view latest exchange rates and convert amounts between 147 currencies and 6 precious metals. Simply tap the currency icon to change currency. The exchange rates will be cached locally when you have the internet connection, so you can use this app with the cached rates when there is no internet connection.


  • Convert among multiple currencies simultaneously
  • Live tile shows exchange rates among 4 chosen currencies
  • Share calculation results
  • Ready to work offline
  • 147 currencies and 6 precious metals
  • Remember your favorite currencies
  • Trend charts of exchange rates
  • Supports portrait, landscape and snapped view
  • Uses official exchange rates published on Yahoo!

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21 June 2017

Does exactly what I need it for. Best of all it gives me multiple countries at the same time. If I select UDS, Euro, and Yen it shows the exchange rate for all 3 at the same time. GREAT!!!


26 May 2017

very useful with multiple currencies converted at the same time. It will be helpful if I can fix one currency as base to have final results.


23 March 2017

Working great, I use it all the time when purchasing items online. Very nice and neat color and design, fitting to Windows 8.1! However, one bad thing, is that you can't scroll downwards when it is in a 50/50 screen. Then some of the currencies dissappear, so I should have been able to scroll... Other than that, it's great!


14 March 2017

Хороший конвертер но без доната не выводит точные суммы к примеру 199.99$ а только 200 но пользоваться можно без проблем! Лучший вариант из того что я видел


12 March 2017

很棒的APP!本來疑似受制於天朝的淫威,因此APP中缺乏了代表自由、和平、民主的中華民國國旗,但現在已經有中華民國國旗囉~也可以搜尋TWD找到就是 ^_^


6 March 2017

superb app... great work


10 February 2017

... but repositioning currencies are a bit tricky


9 February 2017

handy. I set it to the few currencies I use and it works.


13 December 2016

Works good, I like this one better than some of the other one's!


10 November 2016

Nice setup, good choices on the screen and quick responding system

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