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Fun Football Tournament

"Fun Football Tournament" is a football (soccer) game of skill, strategy and luck. The unique turn-based mechanics are easy to play but very challenging to master. Pick your favorite team and try to win the World Cup! "Fun Football Tournament" main features: ★ unique game-play ★ great graphics, animations and sounds ★ friendly and tournament games (up to 8 human players, group stage, quarterfinals, semi-finals and the final) ★ 48 national teams with real FIFA ranking strength (request to add your country!) ★ each footballer with 4 unique characteristics ★ 3 difficulty levels when playing against computer ★ 4 playfields (sunny, rain, snow, indoor) each with unique physics ★ single and two player mode ★ Brazil 2014 World Cup (soccer championship) ★ completely FREE! Note: best experience on larger screens (7 inches and up) Detailed description The game play is unique - it is turn based, you are in the control of the player nearest to the ball. Each move is time limited to 10 seconds. The controls are very easy to use. Just tap the player and drag him downwards to kick and release him to shoot. There is also an option to dribble (move the player over the ball and release it or shake your device). Each team consist of 5 footballers (goalkeeper, two defenders, midfielder and striker). Each footballer has 4 unique characteristics (precision, mobility, technique and power) which reflects his skills on the field. For each position there is a replacement footballer - it is your job to find the best lineup. The sounds are atmospheric, which give you the feeling of being in a big stadium as you hear the kicks, the fan chants or the whistle of the referee. You can play a friendly game or start a tournament which allows up to 8 human players. Before play you have to choose your national team (48 countries are represented), the game length (2-10 minutes), difficulty (easy, normal, hard) and the weather (sunny, rain, snow or indoor). For all football (soccer) fans this game guarantees hours and hours of fun. Download the game and start scoring those goals...

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4 comment


13 January 2017

Challenging cool fun 😎


16 March 2016



18 September 2015

I like the tournament


23 June 2015

It's ok but I don't get it that much 😃 👌