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In beautiful wallpapers you will find an excellent collection with the best wallpapers, which you can share with your friends, family and the love of your life. There is no better way to feel like a wallpaper, if you want to share the beauty and the beast wallpaper use the button up to the right. Characteristics: ★ Free application that you can download is free. ★ Speed ​​has been optimized for maximum application all go smoothly. ★ Quick Navigation Everything is intuitively placed so you can customize the application as more you want. ★ Share function that you like, you can share via SMS, multimedia messaging, facebook, twitter, WhatsApp, Viber, line and more social networks by simply pressing a button. ★ Quality Images are selected to offer the best quality. ★ Language The application is 100% translated, forget about those applications that are in different languages ​​to yours, here you find everything your language. ★ Use You can set any wallpaper, you just have to press the button up to the right. ★ Intuitive order to change to go from one image to another is only necessary to slide a finger and you can access all of them; everything is positioned so that the application is easy to use all you have to do is enjoy it. ★ It helps to express Sometimes we do not find adequate words to express what we want to convey words; This application will help you find the perfect wallpaper. Extras: ► With this application you can share your favorite wallpaper in categories like "beautiful nature wallpapers" or "beautiful scenery wallpapers". ► Constantly adding new wallpapers and enhancements to the application, from time to time send an update, so do not hesitate to update and always keep up with the best. ► We hope you enjoy the application, if there is anything you think could be improved, please leave a comment or email; and if you like how it works you can qualify us and we can always continue working to offer the best.

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16 June 2017

There are very few options.


3 June 2017

I like everything


26 March 2017

they are so good I love the wallpapers!!!


21 March 2017

really like the close up! Any nature pictures, animal, flowers, beach/ocean pictures.. KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK!!


25 December 2016

don't have any good wallpaaper


22 December 2016

is just a green space with a flower.


2 December 2016



18 September 2016

I love this app


14 September 2016

amazing pictures


11 September 2016

what's not to like ? all the pics a lovely

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