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Foscam HD Viewer

Foscam HD Viewer This app accesses the mjpeg stream of Foscam's line of HD IP cameras. The following models are supported: FI9821W, FI9818W, FI9801W, FI9802W and FI9805W You can add as many cameras as you want and name them appropriately to identify their location or use. The name, IP address, and port are displayed below a snapshot of the camera. When you launch your camera, you have the following controls available: *Pan & Tilt *Mirror *Flip *Snapshots *IR on/off ***This app requires that you login with an Administrative account for the Foscam camera. ***Camera access and control is handled through URL query strings and usernames and passwords are sent un plain text. Please keep this in mind if accessing your camera externally over an unsecure connection.


  • Foscam HD IP Camera Viewer and controller for multiple cameras
  • Pan & Tilt, Mirror, Flip, Snapshots, and IR on/off

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31 October 2016

I never got this to work, but the setup process was so hard to get through I thought I could list some cons: 1. Once you add the camera, you can't change the settings, you have to remove and reinstall with the new settings. 2. Adding a camera dialog is a pop-up window. If you switch to another app (like where your camera URL, password is) the window disappears and you start over again. So copy and paste is not missing, but you're limited to one. The solution I found is you can write you camera information on a piece of paper (like a caveman) and then manually type it into the app (like your grandparents would). 3. Using DDNS. I tried setting it up as a URL (with the port # inline) and as an IP address (port put in other dialog box) -- neither worked. Using 4 foscam fi8910w cams and windows 10.


12 October 2016

Receive an error, "The server committed a protocol violation. Section = ResponseStatusLine"


21 July 2016

I tried 2 foscam apps the $5 had the free neither worked. I loaded a free app that works.


15 July 2016

It works good on my windows 10, only thing its hard to navigate because it slower than the one I had before, and it don't give you a lot of setting to choice from. but it will do.........for now.


2 July 2016

It is hard for others to use it and there are better and quicker to use apps for Foscam on the phone so yea so heads up this app needs updates


22 June 2016

Does not work and I'm an IT guy that installs them


15 June 2016

Did not find the camera....(FOSCAM FI9821P)


1 June 2016

It doesn't work and I doubt the dev cares.


28 May 2016

works fine. graphics terrible though


14 May 2016

Add camera can't discover the camera. It makes you know all kinds of technical info to type in everything about your network connection - stuff you can't easily know. iPhone apps, by comparison, just find the camera and let you click on it.

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