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    * v2.1705.189 === #Improved: Logic of sidebar effect #Improved: Swift and Visual Basic support #Improved: Save button on mobile #Improved: UFT-8 Support (isn't perfect yet, but it's improved) #Fix: The error that made all files saved in just one line. #Fix: Fixed issues with break line \n and \r. There is minor changes that together makes this app better. === v2.1.169 === #New: Formula Beta link to join #Update: API to send feedback (to follow January Update on vtnorton.com) === v2.1.167 === #New: Added Swift and Visual Basic Support #Improved: Navigation when adding new files (Next and back buttons now is going to be hidden). #Improved: Blank page layout. #Fix: Status bar, on mobile, doesn't showed the clock, battery life, and other things. #Fix: PHP files now open as they should. #Fix: WhatsApp and other apps, won't open Formula when selectin a new file. #Fix: Some extensions didn't show "Open with Formula" unless users point to it. #Fix: Tabs name refreshing on every click (this is just a workaround for now). There is minor changes that together makes this app better.

Formula - Universal Code Editor

How many times do you get out of your office and remember a line of code that can fix the biggest bug you have? Guest what, you will forgot that line of code, you simply have to write it right out way. It can't wait you to get to the office. That's why Formula - Universal Code Editor is here. You can use Formula on you phone, tablet and desktop. Also I am working to make this app great for the Continuum. You can write and read all languages, but you experience will be better with: C#, C, C++, CSS, HTML, Java, JavaScript, JSON, LUA, Pascal, PHP, Phyton, SQL, Swift, Visual Basic, XML and more. Also you can create new files with this simple code editor, isn't this awesome?! Organize your files in tabs and work with more than one file at time, just like you are used to. You can search, and replace something in your code. Math whole word and case and use regular expressions. Also you can see a print margin if you want. And there is something else: you can use the shortcuts as you already know to save, open and to make a new file. Have fun codding, just like I had writing this app! ;) Don't forget you coffee!


  • Create new files of your favorite language (C#, C++, Java, JavaScript, JSON, Lua, Pascal, PHP, Python, Swift, Visual Basic and more)
  • Zoom your code
  • Edit your codes everywhere!
  • Use shortcuts as you are used to it!

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24 May 2017

We shall see


2 May 2017

If you could, hide top bar in mobile version.


29 March 2017



18 March 2017

The only think I ask for is a dark mode! I like black colors.


15 January 2017

poorly written... hard to follow... lack of editing ... have you heard of simplification?... even complex math must be simplified when it comes to it's algorithmic counterparts... shew... dont waste your time


25 December 2016

Good but needs dark theme


22 December 2016

Awesome to make edits on the go or to view code on my Lumia 950.


11 December 2016

Works well for my purposes, handles editing in C and HTML well, though I haven't tried anything else. A pretty sweet replacement for Notepad++, too. I'm only giving it 4 stars because there isn't a dark theme, which would pretty much make it perfect. Also, check for spelling errors... "What kinda of file" was probably just overlooked. Good luck to the dev(s) of this app! I might invest in a W10 phone at some point, and I'm hoping for the mobile/Continuum version to be just as handy.


25 November 2016



12 November 2016

Good but need to improve

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