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Finding Mr Right

Games2win invites you to a date with the most charming, suave and intelligent guy in the neighborhood, Mr. Wood. All you have to do is dress to impress him. Remember, clothes, make-up, jewelry or style, anything could make it or break it. So is this how Ms. Perfect meets her Mr. Right? Play to find out… Details: Bumping into Mr. Wrong is easier than finding Mr. Right. Until now. Games2win is proud to present a brand new dating game that puts you straight into the shoes of Ms. Perfect, putting you through various challenges that test your styling skills to make-up tips. Every evening can be a cherished memory, if things go well. 50 levels of exciting gameplay where you play Ms. Perfect and try to make every evening a memorable one. Every level has a new backdrop, right from a renaissance era to a modern-day gym workout, from scuba diving to a thanksgiving dinner, only to bring out the best in you. With the wide range of clothes, hair-dos and make-up kits, make sure you look the best, and show them you are called Ms. Perfect for a reason. But be careful, as one wrong move could ruin the perfect date and you would be back to square one, playing the same level again. Unlock all the levels one after another as you win Mr. Wood’s heart and take over his mind. Of course, all this leads to something special. Don’t worry, we won’t give it away so easily. Finding Mr. Right features: • 50 Unique romantic scenarios! • 50 Beautiful Dresses and tons of accessories! • Simple tap based gameplay • Engaging story that makes you a dating expert! Send us your questions, doubts or any complaints that you have. We promise to get back to you! VISIT US: http://games2win.com FOLLOW US: http://twitter.com/games2win LIKE US: http://facebook.com/Games2win

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22 May 2017



11 February 2017



8 January 2017

It s*cks. It just got black(blank) after I select start. I didn't even play it for once. Just a waste of data!!


6 January 2017

LOVE IT 💝 🌹 😻 🌈


16 December 2016



21 November 2016

Very hard but pretty ok


23 October 2016

It was so creative


11 September 2016

Very good I love it


5 July 2016

Awesome game but I HAD to pay to play it😞


4 June 2016

Its a cool game 👍 but its to short the rest should be free 😐

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