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    * This Release: Upgraded toolbar to work better with Windows 10 Previous Releases: Added Daily Balance List option to Monthly Budgets. Added the ability to exclude an expense from your monthly budget calculation for cases when you pay an expense with credit. Adjustments made to old monthly budgets will now OPTIONALLY roll forward to all monthly budgets that occur after the adjustment. Added additional help to Recurring Budget to explain calculation methods. Added guided setup process. Added Note/Payment Confirmation field to the Monthly Budget items. Added additional help screens to address common questions being sent to support. Fixed tile display issue occurring on some Windows RT devices Added ability to select multiple items and mark them as paid. Updated tiles to show Weekly, Bi-Weekly, Quarterly, Semiannual and Annual amounts along with monthly totals. Added support for Weekly, Bi-Weekly, Quarterly, Semiannual and Annual item schedules

Finance Helper

**Now with unlimited free use.** Easy to use budget and bill tracking tool with the features you need without all the confusion you don’t. Need a live tile showing what’s coming due and what’s past due? We have that. Would you like to enter all your RECURRING income and expenses only once and have your monthly budgets automatically include them and synchronize that same data to any of your Windows 10 or Windows Mobile devices? We have that too. Want to see the payment history on the bills you pay so you know you’re not paying twice as much for electricity as you were this time last year? Have it! Looking for a way to graph how much you spend on cereal compared to the average daily balance of your wallet on Tuesdays? Afraid we can't help you there and you might consider turning off your device and going outside for a bit.


  • Supports all global currency and date formats.
  • Optional Live tile that shows you what bills are coming due and what bills are past due.
  • Track your income and expenses month to month and carry your monthly remaining balance forward. Or negative balance… it happens, we know.
  • Store all your recurring income and expenses like salary, rent, electric bill, etc. in one “Recurring Budget”
  • Enter your non-recurring items and, if needed, edit the amounts of recurring items on your monthly budgets.
  • Enter due dates on your expense items and track them until they have been marked paid. They’re even color coded based on due date.
  • Save your budget data to the cloud and synchronize it with all your Windows 8 or Windows Phone devices.
  • Easy to understand interface with built-in help
  • View the payment history of the items in your monthly budgets to see how a particular bill is trending.
  • Schedule items to occur Weekly, Bi-Weekly, Monthly, Quarterly, Semiannually or Annually

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6 July 2017

This app awesome! 😊😊😊 easy and on point!


20 June 2017

There should be a total in the items screen per month


6 June 2017



29 May 2017

It does not allow you to enter expenses if you enter your income. if you enter the income you cant add expenses. The add button disappears.


11 May 2017

I didn't use this for more than 5 minutes before I was so frustrated I couldn't do anything but uninstall. It allowed me to add in my income but afterwards, the ADD button completely disappeared and I couldn't navigate any further. No bueno


9 May 2017

I like the ability it gives me to track my due dates. But I still have a hard time understanding how the app comes up with the carry over balance from month to month. There seems to be no way to adjust that when your income changes. I would like to see more/better instructions on how to set up monthly bills with maybe a tutorial or something. right now I just use it to track due dates as a reminder.


23 April 2017

I was liking it. Easy to use and a pleasant GUI. I went to add my pay. The options are weekly, bi weekly, monthly, quarterly, etc. I get paid on the 1st and 15th. I figure, close enough, and select it. Then the app tells me I shouldn't select that because it doesn't have the accuracy needed for it's calculations. It didn't make any sense to me why you would leave only the 2 week option and even write a warning in when a 1st and 15th selection solves it all. To much of a surface oversight to trust my budget to. Maybe they will have it in an update, I would try it again if they added that in.


6 April 2017

I like that recurring payments are able to be setup in one side of the program. I do not like that on the windows 10 version that I have those recurring payments haven't showed up in the expense tab of the report for April. Just downloaded this today so I don't know if it has any updates. However, if the next update shows this I would gladly give it 4 stars. If there is a way to show how much is left on an expense that would make me give this 5 stars. Every budgeting program should have that though. Right?


10 February 2017

It's fine if you don't want to track multiple purchases that fall into the same category every month, like fuel and groceries. I can't figure out how to do that, or if it's even possible 😞


13 January 2017

I bought the advertisement removal twice and spent 1hr on the phone to get refunds from Microsoft because they don't remove the ads. My advertisements are still here in the app and I can't get rid of them. Microsoft support says it's an application issue the app developer says it is a Microsoft issue. The ads are annoying, however, that is my only issue with this application. Everything else works fine.

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