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  • Category: Multimedia design
  • Published by: Thinkbox Inc.
  • Permissions:
    • Access your Internet connection and act as a server.
    • Use data stored on an external storage device
    • Use your webcam
    • Use your microphone
    • Use your music library
    • Use your pictures library
    • Use your video library
  • Supported processors: x86, x64, ARM
  • Language: English (United States)
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  • Notes:
    * The update version include changes/features: 1. Double tap to take a snapshot from the video. 2. Live record feature (edit tab, bottom bar). 3. Added Tips (user will see periodically during use the app). 4. Add resolution choice for camera record. 5. Fix record "funny" voice bug. 6. Fix remove audio bug. 7. Add default project name. 8. Back button will close effect details. 9. Add .mp4 extension to file name on export. 10. Bug fixes. Upgrade details: 1. Video Effects. 2. Image Effects. 3. Multi Audio. 4. Full Upgrade (Includes: all above + take snapshot + live record + more in the future). 5. Effects pack (Includes: images effects + video effects). 6. Adaptive "Full Upgrade" price.


FilmIt is a video-editing tool for your phone that allows you to capture, import, compose and edit your content into a Movie that you can share with everyone! FilmIt is designed with 3 steps: 1. COMPOSE - add video clips or still images from your library, or capture directly from the camera. Once you have your clips, you can trim the length or arrange them in the order you want. 2. EDIT - This is a more traditional editing view. Drag the video slider along to see your clips in the order you chose, and trim the start and end of each one to get the cut you want. Audio or Music can also be imported and trimmed. At either of these screens you can play your composition to see how it is shaping up! 3. EXPORT - choose your quality and export your project!

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26 November 2016

Add free effects


18 September 2016



8 September 2016

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11 May 2016

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15 January 2016

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8 January 2016

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2 December 2015

So dull👎 ... asking to purchase the basic fx👎👎


10 November 2015

Now I can record, shoot and edited my videos directly on my mobile device . Incredible job you guys. MORE!!!


18 September 2015

This app is ****. Don't don't don't download it. The positive reviews are all lies. It just keeps crashing. It's useless and probably hopeless! 😈 Zero star


12 July 2015

Great basic film app but I wish it was more interesting like add effects or something.

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