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  • Category: Simulation
  • Published by: Realore Ltd ?
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  • Supported processors: x86, x64, ARM
  • Language: English, French, Spanish, German, Italian, Portuguese, Japanese, Russian
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    * Fixed bugs with multiple and missing characters - Game performance improvements

Farm Up

No more zombies! Just plants! Farm UP is your classic farming awesomeness. Meet young Jennifer. She’s just bought a small farm. It’s 1930s crisis but Jennifer is ready to do everything to become successful. This is where you join in. Learn about different types of plants. Take care of poultry and cattle. Harvest fruit and vegetables. With the help of Jennifer’s husband and grandparents you’ll be able to run a profitable farming business in no time. • Get quests from local farmers and interactive global map. • Add other players on Facebook to play together. • Customize your farm the way you want. • Build factories to make canned goods and textile. • Make a positive impact on the country’s economy. Other popular apps from Realore: Jane's Hotel; Jane's Hotel: Family Hero; Island Tribe; Northern Tale; Viking Saga: The Cursed Ring; When in Rome. JOIN US! Enjoy Realore Games at: http://www.realore.com Follow us on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/RealoreGame Follow us on Twitter: https://twitter.com/RealoreGames

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10 July 2017

I like this game a lot!! It's like MMO games and upgrading which is the kind of games i like ^^


28 June 2017

need to earn more energy faster


12 June 2017



11 June 2017

But it is like I am the only one playing. I am changing computers and will probably have to start it all over again. There is a lot that could be done with this game. like seasons. holidays, inside the houses. Sleep time, (night) for animals and owners. Little houses for the animals in the pens for night and rains. Rain? Where is the rain?


31 May 2017

game will not load


29 May 2017

I love the game but now it won't let me do anything on it. It's like it is frozen and I can't water the animals or feed them and every time I try to do something, nothing happens. Please fix this.


21 May 2017

I don't like that I put money into this game and when I hit level 30 it just crashes and I lose all of my progress. This is bs.


18 May 2017

I found a golden piggy bank that claimed to triple the gold I bought and it didn't work, I feel kind of ripped off, I only bought gold because it sounded like such a good deal. I hope they resolve this soon because this game does seem pretty fun and the art style is charming.


15 May 2017

Love game, great way to spend idle time. I wish energy restore time was 2 mins instead of 3. I think it would be great when the animal enclosure broke that the animals got out and grandpa would have to fix it before you would have to find each animal and click on it to make it walk back to it's fenced in area. Just a thought.


3 May 2017

not paying for a game that cheats me...wow so many glitches and it keeps asking me too spend money its just designed to frustrate....not cool

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