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Facts Of Feng Shui

Whether it’s to improve your health, love life or finances, Feng Shui has been incorporated as a way to do this. The method has worked for the Chinese people for many years. Since it has spread, people are curious to find out how it can help them. This app has provided plenty of information to get your started on your journey to abundance and other things that can enhance your life. If you stay on the right path with this and are serious about making significant changes in your life, you will see a difference. You will be amazed at how much healthier you’ve become. You’ll be so excited to get intimate with your mate, it’ll be breathtaking. With your finances, you can have more money than you ever dreamed possible when using the Feng Shui method. Just remember that everything won’t happen overnight and that it will take time before you see a change in your life for the better.

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22 January 2016

Well... it cud'v ben a gr8 app. 😩 - SCROLLING ADS @ BOTTOM OF SCREEN: If they wer stationary Ads, it wudn't B so bad. But, scrolling Ads R xtremly distracting. 😒 - FULL-PAGE POP-UP ADS: 1 min, ur reading. The next, a full-page Ad pops up! Its xtremly annoying & u lose ur spot evrytm! NTM: Its ironic this app preaches the art of Feng Shui; yet, Ads R blocking ur Chi @ evry turn! 😣 - MAJOR EDITING ISSUES: Wat's w/the repeating text? Ur reading along, next thing u know, ur having deja vu. 😶 W8, didn't I jst read that? Yes, u did. This author, 4 watevr reason, likes 2 repeat paragraphs 2-3x over. Attempting 2 allude readers in2 thinking thers mor content than ther actually is? Hmmmm, guess we'll nevr knw. 😐 * OVERALL: Not worth time or data. I'm sur bettr apps exist. If not, quick visit 2 fave serch engine shud resolv issu nicely. 😉 P.S. Most of DV's apps R similar in structur. So, thnk its safe 2 say, issues R most likely prevalnt in thos as well. 😠