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  • Supported processors: x86, x64, ARM
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European War 3

In European War 3 you will be a commander leading your soldiers to fight for resources, promote economic and industrial growth, develop new technology and seize opposing territory. Whenever deploying army, navy or air force, you need to take much thought due to their strength and weakness. Work on your defenses when you are in a weak position; build airport if you need air support. Fighting the battle could earn your forces experience and when they come to Ace Forces, their combat effectiveness would be impressive! It’s also important to upgrade your commander level as you would take the lead. European War 3 also gives you a choice among different modes like Empire, Campaign, Conquest and Multiplayer. Empire Mode: conquest among 8 empires with 40 campaigns.[British Empire, German Empire, the United States, Japanese Empire, Qing Dynasty, French Empire and Austro-Hungarian Empire] Campaign Mode: 30 actual historical campaigns (choose any force you like) Conquest Mode: choose any country to compete in Asia, Europe and America for hegemony. Multiplayer Mode: player versus player, available in 1v1, 2v2 or 3v3 format. •28 command cards make the battle full of change. •11 forces such as the army, navy and air force all have unique features. •32 nations are involved across Europe, Asia and America, 1271 administrative regions in total. •Technology reaches up to five levels. •Mini-map display •The map can be zoomed in or zoomed out . •15 levels of rank promotion (from Private to Field Marshal) •Auto-save

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8 June 2015

Great game, should be reduced in price though.


30 September 2014

It really gets easy after a while, but it was COMPLETELY worth buying and playing for a while!!


31 May 2014

Good. I love ❤ it so much.


19 February 2014

One of the best strategy war games I could find on windows phone. I hate the 'free' games that have all the in-app purchases. This is worth the price and no in-app **. A rare gem.


17 October 2013

Great strategy game. Anybody who loves a strategy game will love this. Its a great way to pass the time. Only thing that's bad is no diplomacy. Still a great game


6 September 2013

Smooth,easy to navigate.. A lot of neat features. You fight wars all over the globe with ww1 weapons choosing from countries like Germany,France and England to minor nations like Bulgaria,Italy,Spain. Think risk meets axis and allies... There is also an eastern campaign pitting Japan,China and Russia against one another.... Limited unit types and only two choices for economic development allow for vast campaign maps and the option of choosing from many different nations to play provide a unique challenge and endless possibilities for each new game. The controls are easy and pretty seamless unless upgrading stacked units. There doesn't appear to be any glitches. No in game diplomacy drops European war3 to four stars. I recommend this game for every strategy game lover but especially to those who grew up with Axis and Allies and Avalon Hill games.