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  • Category: Kids & family
  • Published by: Nikolai Faaland
  • Permissions:
    • Use your device network services
    • Use any of your Windows Phone sensors
    • Access your browser
    • Use information about your device
    • Use your phone
    • Use your media library
  • Supported processors: x86, x64, ARM
  • Language: Italian, English, French, Spanish, English (United Kingdom), German, Chinese
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Draw! is a simple and fun finger drawing tool for kids and adults. Make drawings with your fingers or entertain the kids anywhere. UPDATE v1.12: Fixes a problem with searching the internet for pictures. Load pictures from your phone, from the camera, or from the internet and draw on top of them or modify them with fun special effects. The interface can be customized for babies, children, and grownups, but is easy to use for everyone. The trial version is full-featured, but will show ads. You can buy the full version at any time to remove the ads. Features include: Draw with multiple fingers in any color or with fun rainbow brushes. Animated fills. Colorful stamps for adding animals, cars, planets, and more. Entertaining sounds, with two different themes. Powerful special effects for warping, coloring, and twisting images. Load and save pictures. Undo and redo. Shake to clear. Built-in backgrounds for coloring in. Support for multiple languages. Settings for kids, including screen lock, simpler menus, continuous fade, and no words. http://www.faaland.com/draw/tips.htm

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21 May 2016

My kids dig it!


19 January 2016

I never thought a drawing application could be humorous :) great application!


28 November 2015

Great app you can look up images and edit them (but don't go to far) 😉 if you know what I mean 😜


21 July 2015

Last time AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! but know it just keeps crashing!


8 January 2015

Truly gives you all kinds of different options for the touchpad artist to express themselves. Has a save feature which allows you to save your art to your phone's storage for safe keeping. 😇 Love it. Best. App. Period.


12 October 2014

If u search draw free u will find this app FREE :V . That app maker is stupid XC 😒


27 August 2014

Rather to make up my own business (really need not worry is also available for purchase (thanks you have any questions)rather to make up the phone calls)going back on twitter for blackberry curve in English in a row and column is so motivational speaker and auditing API-go back on twitter {going back on twitter account and they were...him


20 December 2013

I absolutely love this app!! It did Quit opening for me so I Uninstalled it and Reinstalled it (you don't have to pay for it again) and now it's working just fine!


5 November 2013



29 May 2013


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