Dots Master

A revolutionary version for the classic Dots & Boxes game for Windows 8! Play on various board shapes and sizes, against a strong computer engine with 3 difficulty levels. For those of you who are not familiar with Dots & Boxes, it's a turn-switching game in which each player places a line on a squares board, trying to complete a square. When completing a square, the player gets a point and continues to play. The game ends when the board is full and the winner is the player with most points. Climb up the leaderboard and become a true dots master by playing smart, quick and with less hints as possible. Great graphics and user experience, highly addictive game and lots of brain exercising. Coming soon: Network play with real ELO rankings. So choose your favorite symbol and color and get going. Good Luck!


  • Realistic Dots & Boxes environment
  • Strong computer engine
  • Two players mode
  • Many board shapes, symbols and colors
  • Live leaderboards
  • Languages: English, Russian, Hebrew

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3 January 2016

I used to play Dots as a kid and I'm happy to see an electronic version on the Windows store.


12 April 2015

משחק מאד מעניין ואני מאד אוהבת לשחק בו


2 November 2014

Gold game Gold AI


18 June 2014

This game is cool


13 June 2014

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2 June 2014

Very fun to play


25 May 2014

I play this every day


26 March 2014

I really enjoy this game


5 March 2014

weard game I don't play this game no more


4 March 2014

yeah, good

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