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Dog Jump Game Brain Challenge

A cute pet dog for sale – available now: download free Dog Jump Game Brain Challenge and play with this "cute puppy" day and night! If you like to play "dog games" with "small dogs", you'll enjoy in fun adventures of our "jumping dog"! What are your favorite "dog breeds"? Golden retriever or a rottweiler? Download our "cute puppy game" and see if you'll like our "puppy dog"! This "addicting game" will not only entertain you but it will challenge your IQ and logical thinking as well! "Adopt a dog" for free, carry it in your pocket and play with it whenever you want and can! The mission of this "jump game" is to help our "cute dog" to collect his food – delicious bones, that are scattered on different platforms in all levels of Badland! Your new pet dog is supposed to grab his food by jumping from one square platform to another BUT, strong gravity makes this goal difficult to accomplish! Nevertheless, not everything is lost, "cute puppy dog" can flip gravity, and walk all over squares hanging upside-down, Or jump in abnormal directions – it can jump vertically or horizontally, however the center of gravity pulls it. Now, it is you who should predict when to jump in order to land safely to the next platform! Otherwise, your pet puppy will float in Badland forever! - Hyper fun "brain training" puzzle platformer! - Simple and addictive gameplay! - Extremely smooth action! - Easy control – just tap to jump! - 20 levels with unique hand-drawn graphics and a cute cartoon character! ☆ MISSION: help our cute puppy get his food in a minimum number of steps! ☆ Instructions: - Hop from one square platform to another! - Walk around the square till you reach the point of jumping! - Notice the arrows on each box - these direct your moves! - Find the fastest way to take the food! Let this "jumping dog" help you stretch your brain! It will make you practice logical thinking as well as your reflexes! Think before you hop, calculate the minimum number of steps and jumps and get all three stars! Everyone who likes fun "casual games" with "dogs and puppies" will fall in love with this adorable dog game for kids, girls, boys etc. Why would you only take "pictures of dogs" when you can download "Dog Jump Game Brain Challenge", 2D "action adventure" game, and have the time of your life playing with our adorable miniature dog! Maybe you cannot buy a dog and keep it as a pet in your yard but what you can do is download this "free dog game" & "brain trainer" app! Give your kids an interesting game to play and watch them having fun with this cute “doggy dog world” of jumping! Download this animal puzzle platformer “game for kids free” of charge and you'll have a fun puzzle game always in your pocket! If you're looking for dog games for little boys or girls, teenagers and even adults you are in luck – Dog Jump Game Brain Challenge is a real family fun game! There are many different kinds of dogs and many “dogs breeds” but we have chosen a cute cartoon dog similar to a cute beagle or terrier dog! Download this free mega-hit "jump game" and "mind game for kids" and adults, jump from one platform to another, run on platforms, take magically fast joy rides through tunnels and find the fastest ways to pick up your acorns and earn three stars! Jump puppy jump and get your food in the fewest number of steps! For acquiring your food in the fastest possible way, you'll get 3 stars, but if you make more moves than necessary, you'll lose 1 or 2 stars! Take this 2015 kids game for Windows phone™ with “free download” and once your kid starts to play, you won't able to take the mobile device out of their hands!

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29 November 2015

I'm so good at this game that's why I love ❤ this game so much