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  • Supported processors: x86, x64, ARM
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    * Version • Important bug fixes to prevent app crashes and no pictures to be display in the Themes. • +Added option to automatically save new images to your Photos. • The Pictures that are saved by the User are now in a separated folder called Dinamic Wallpaper inside your Pictures Library. • Bugfixes that prevented Surface Pro 3 users on a resolution of 2736x1824 to see any Bing picture, now it should work (fingers crossed). • Changed to a different method of device resolution measuring for users on the Anniversary update to get better results and support more display resolutions. If you find that your resolution is still not supported email me please. • +Added a new animation logic to speed up the app and make it lighter. • Changed the way the themes open and further optimizations to make the whole experience better. • +Added a slight blur effect on the image name in each theme (only for Anniversary update users). • +Added a new, more customer friendly rating/review Window. • +Added the Feedback Hub integration where you can enter you feedback directly for Dinamic Wallpaper and other users can vote for you suggestions. This option is available for Anniversay users only and you can leave your feedback by pressing the feedback button on the first info page pivot. • Further bug fixes.

Dinamic Wallpaper

Dinamic Wallpaper is not an ordinary Wallpaper app. This app will change your Windows 10 Mobile Lockscreen and/or Wallpaper behind the tiles or on your Windows 10 PC the Desktop Wallpaper and/or Lockscreen automatically. This new function is available from Windows 10 build 10240 and further so the newest build of Windows Insider supports this also. The app has four online themes. One theme is "Bing Daily picture" which will download the picture each day for the user and set it to the Wallpaper background. The second Theme is 500px Pulse which will change accordingly to the 500px Pulse best picture. The third Theme is 500px Macro which brings you the best Photos from 500px Macro category, the last online theme is NASA Astronomical picture and it will deliver also daily a new picture for Astronomy fans. Of course you have also an local theme where you can add your pictures but crop them before adding in this collection, and then you can rotate them on them on your Wallpaper/Lockscreen in a interval you set and also customize the order or just set them to rotate randomly. FURTHER ATTENTION Bugs can happen and you can help me polish the app to 100%. Just email me from within the app. New themes will come later and a section where the user can set their own Pictures to rotate in a set interval is also in plan for future versions. The app is currently free and ad free but has IAPs to unlock some features/themes. Disclaimer: The picture owners are the respective Copyright owners of each picture.


  • Updates automatically your Phone/PC Wallpaper and/or Lockscreen with one of three supported themes Bing, 500px Pulse, 500px Macro or NASA
  • Rotate your own Picture Collection on your Start/Lockscreen.

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11 July 2017



27 June 2017

Every other day or so there is a new wallpaper of some beautiful location on earth (and off). Plus it works well with Windows 10 changing the borders with corresponding hues. Now I don't have to spend hours searching for a wallpaper when I'm bored or tired of seeing the same thing over time.


22 June 2017

Used to work before. But now, NASA Wallpapers don't update daily. And while refreshing to update wallpapers, it crashes while downloading NASA Wallpapers.


21 June 2017

This app is fantastic , Microsoft gave us the option of changing lock scree everyday , and this app give us the choice to change ur theme everyday that also automatically , how wonderful isn't it 😀


12 June 2017

I have been very happy with the quality and variety of wallpapers that this application offers. It is also very easy to use. Dinamic Wallpaper is the best wallpaper program I have used so far.


10 June 2017

Other than nasa category giving teaching drawings with no caps it's nice


9 June 2017

Make your computer more beautiful and it's totally free!


3 June 2017

We'll designed app. Congrats. If possible and if you like the idea I would love to see the following: # Xbox version # A different accent color for the start screen automatically selected and applied based on the color of the new wallpaper. Keep up the excellent work.


27 May 2017

Although the occasional naked/half-*********** are a nuisance, I LOVE this app. Most of the wallpapers are simply marvelous! Btw, originally rated it 4. But since I can use it on desktop too, there you go... 5 stars


20 May 2017

Probably would like to know more about the images beyond just a foggy title. I like the idea you have themes by region but not sure it will keep my interest because I'm not learning anything about the region or photo. Just a thought to consider or a significant point about the photo, place, author .... before I totally ignore the images as I cover them up with my work to keep from distracting me.

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