Diamond Miner

Diamond Miner is one of most popular online games. Now it's available on Windows Phone. Hope you will enjoy it! Diamond Miner is a very interesting game. Let’s go with old man in the game to looking for treasure under the ground. Each level has new discovery .Task of player must grab the Diamonds with accurate predictions and subtle feeling together to the next level. Task is more difficult than by the pigs run around lovely however it’s quit annoying. You're collecting the diamond nuggets by pressing the screen, the same way you activate the sticks of dynamite which you can use when something else than diamond will get in your hands. Between levels you can buy them in the convenient shop. Great and interesting game, you will not gaze away from it! How to play: - Your claw will swing back and forth. Tap anywhere on the screen to release the claw to grab diamond. - Between stages you can buy items that can help you in the next stage. Game Features: - Cute character and outstanding graphics. - Good Music track - Well-designed background and user interface! - Regular updates with new features! - Hours of fun ! - Universal App! Items that can help you: * Diamond Polish. During the next level diamonds will be worth more money. Only good for one level. * Rock Collectors. Rocks will be worth three times as much money on the next level. * Lucky Clover. This will increase the chances of getting something good out of the grab bags on the next level. * Strength drink. The Miner will reel up objects a little faster on the next level. The drink only lasts for one level. * Bomb candle, after you have grabbed onto something with your claw, tap the miner to throw a piece of dynamite at it and blow it up. * Muscle strength .Give you super strength for pulling and throwing.

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11 October 2015

Fun game!!


21 August 2015

Mirror, mirror on the wall❓ how far is the distance to Times Square ❔🗽🗾🌅🚗⛺♨⛵🍕 ('o') 🕒📫


14 August 2015

Fun game


2 March 2015

This game is fun and addicting, however I am only giving it 2 stars because I have gotten to level 26 but when I stop playing and then go back in I have to start at level 10


7 January 2015



30 September 2014

Very fun.


26 September 2014

I like your graffic


14 September 2014

Thanks I enjoy your game very much.Jammy Clark.


16 June 2014

Great game


11 June 2014


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