Destination Manager

+++ Powerful features +++ ★ Searches anything around you with 14 explicit search categories and 75 subcategories[New] ★ Find ATM, Bank, Library, Hospital, Airport, Hotel, Restaurant, Entertainment and many more ★ Direction indicators for nearby places ★ Default route from current location to nearby places ★ Simple and improved turn by turn navigation interface ★ Add to favorite your nearby places, get directions, Google reviews and one touch call ★ Shows your current location on full screen map ★ Share location on Email, Facebook and other social networks Find your current location with the touch of a button. Get maps, directions, hotels, restaurants, hospitals, atms and more. Route to an address, or find and get directions to nearby places and add them to your preferred location. This application reminds you through alarm to perform tasks based upon your current location, rather than time. Destination Manager allows one to use its capabilities as much as desired while barely affecting the device's battery power at all. So say goodbye to your traditional organizer and start enjoying the power of a smarter technology that gets things done - on the go!!

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4 July 2017



1 July 2017

Peace of bull **** 💩 don't work


28 June 2017



25 June 2017



23 June 2017

I like your app it helped me out alot when I needed it


21 June 2017

Screen goes off when I try to find something.


20 June 2017

Vary good I formation that is correct.😊


10 June 2017

Gets me every where i had to find


7 June 2017

First time is great


6 June 2017

Not bad

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